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30 Aug 2023
Fantastic service! Great staff, communication, price and to the point! We will definitely recommend Nayak to anyone moving, it was a seamless and positive experience! Also the service on the other side in Denmark was equally excellent, thank you Nayak for making moving country a lot less stressful than it could be, best Christina
Mohan Menon
14 Feb 2022
My experience with Nayak was excellent all through the process..... from the time I made a call to their office in Singapore till the goods were delivered to my home in Mumbai.
On time survey of goods & quotation, before time starting work on packing, clear communication on delivery timelines, excellent co-ordination with their Mumbai team to make delivery happen as comitted.
Pricing was competitive, communication was clear & timely, and delivery (including clearing customs)was totally transparent and professional.
I would use Nayak again and happy to recommend Nayak for re-location services to anyone looking for such services.
23 Mar 2021
The whole process of moving was smooth with constant updates

Choosing Nayak Freight was the wisest decision. We moved from Singapore to Australia in Novemeber 2020 during the dreadful covid times and the concept of moving was very new to us. So, we had so many questions swimming in our head. Will they quote us fairly? Will they pack taking all the precautions? Will all the boxes reach us safely in tim? Will they communicate with us and give updates constantly? It was such a wise decision to choose Nayak Freight! They quoted with good transparency, packed all the items carefully (Not a single broken item, mind you!) and Mr. Unni was a saviour and helped us throughout and followed up on every step and made sure it was a smooth experience for us. A big shoutout to the team. Highly recommended!
5 Mar 2021

Well supported and flexible crew at both end. Appreciated.
Rachel Hooper
29 Jan 2021


Nayak International are not one of the "big names" that an expat might typically use for shipping internationally but from the moment we met you and your Singapore team, we knew we were in good hands.

Your approach was unique amongst the competition: a highly tailored, problem solving mindset with an agile, enthusiastic and transparent cost system. None could match your strategic shipping solution or your excellent price - NOR could they match your very humble attitude and consumer focussed response to our requirements (and we did meet with each of the top five more “well-known” global operators!).

We know that we are a tricky client - we've moved to four different countries and have gained an appreciation into what it takes to deliver personal household goods safely and timely around the world.

We're fussy and particular and we want things done a certain way ;} All of our requests were met by you and your team not only with a smile, but with thought, consideration and an enthusiastic "can-do" attitude.

We took receipt of our Singapore container shipment into Tasmania, Australia last week.
The container has been received on time and all the items are in good order without any damage or loss - thank you :)

This is not only a credit to Nayak's international organisational skills, expert planning, and vast global shipping network, but to your highly skilled in-house packing team. (We have witnessed first hand the consequences that comes from other companies who use packing teams built around fluid “casual” labor... packers who swap one moving company t-shirt for another on a daily basis, packers who obviously haven’t worked together previously and some who have little to no experience. The results are nothing short of disastrous: a disorderly process, items badly packed and household goods that end up missing, damaged and broken upon arrival.) It was clear to us that your in-house packing team has indeed worked together for many years, as was confirmed by the best practices your team employed onsite. (Even your Australian partner's loading team made a comment that they had never seen such thoughtful and careful packing!)

With regard to the all important shells...
I am sure you will be very pleased to know that our shell collection and coral pieces have also been successfully received, with no items being confiscated or destroyed by the Bio-Security or Customs inspection teams. We sincerely appreciate all the research, special consideration and effort made with regard to facilitating the correct Australian Bio-Security paperwork and the handling and packing of the shells in accordance with government guidelines which helped to achieve this oustanding result. It was indeed a very anxious time but we can happily say we are thrilled with the outcome.

Unni, it was an absolute pleasure working with Nayak International on our international move back to Australia.

Our highest praise and sincerest thanks to you and your amazing team in Singapore, and to your partner, Chess Moving, here in Tasmania, Australia.

With kindest regards and
best wishes for 2021,

Rachel & Tim :)
N Rama
16 Nov 2020
As promised delivery - nothing more ... nothing les...

Excellent service quote to delivery - on time, on budget, and well communicated & periodically updated the progress. Handling with Customs officials are all very professional.
Tomi Gjenerali
21 Oct 2020

I was to move several art pieces i.e. paintings, sculptures etc & some personal items. Contacted several companies and Nayak gave a very good quote and flexibility due to COVID.
Movers that packed were supper fast and clean. The shipping was a bit longer due to complications with customs but Unni ( the rep ) was very transparent and communicative. He went above and beyond till the shipping was finalized.
Absolute delight to deal with Unni an Nayak Freight. I have recommended to all my expat friends in Singapore when their time to move is due.
15 Oct 2020
Singapore to India

Good planning by Nayak team. Goods arrived without any issues
dimitri naert
7 Oct 2020

from singapore to hong kong amidst full covid crises
Anand Ramaswamy
5 Oct 2020
Excellent service

Moved from singapore to India. The service was excellent. Unni and Gijo were excellent.
John Wright
29 Sep 2020
Nayak were first class from start to finish .

Singapore To Tauranga New Zealand

Nayak Freight , from the very first contact were amazing , we had a quote down during lockdown ..via video, requested another quote in person and it was no problem ,the movers and packers were friendly and helpful ... eveything they said they would do was done ..

Moving is stressful..we know we have done it a few times !!! but our experience this time was very pleasant .

Thank you Nayak for making our move in difficult times so easy
Amit Singh
24 Sep 2020
Moved household items from Singapore to Sydney via Nayak

Nayak freights helped me move household items from Singapore to Sydney(Australia). The end to end experience from survey, packing, and move was executed with ease. I recommend Nayak Freights services to anyone planning to relocate as I used their services based on reference from a colleague.
Rhiannon Hills
23 Sep 2020
Excellent service. Trouble free end to end.

Trouble free move of a part container load. Good packing with no damage. Excellent service from a father and son team at the destination. Polite supportive and very helpful. The only disappointment was timing where the ship was help off Felixstowe for a number of days which delayed our delivery. However, Nayak can not control that part of the delivery. That it is a Kuhne and Nagel issue - and as a large company they dont respond to half container complaints! A good team, helpful and effective.
Azlina An
9 Sep 2020
Fantastic service. Made my intl’ move all the less stressful

Joy the CS rep from nayak was amazing. She was on the ball all the time. Replied on weekends. Above and beyond my expectations. She secured a 2.5% insurance cover when the other companies did 3%. When you’re looking at $50k worth of stuff it makes a sizeable difference.
The moving team was punctual. They were so fast and efficient.
Friendly and amazing team of 5 movers who made the time to explain the process, how things would be packed.
I had a little terrier dog running around excited at having guests. They made sure to shut the gate and be mindful of him when moving stuff. Also took the time to pat his head and say good boy.
Also had a 4 year old getting stuck in and watching them get to work. They made the time to chat with him. Even if was a quick “hiya lil boy what you doing?” He remembers them as strong uncle and tall moving uncle. Lovely bunch of people.
I’d highly recommend them.
Yamuna Harshavardhana
13 Aug 2020
Prolonged due to lock-down but satisfactory.

Plus points:
1. Courteous and responsive interaction by the personnel at both Singapore and Chennai.
2. We relocated remotely and were not physically present when the packing took place, so the responsibility taken by the company is worthy of complimenting.
3. Packing quality is generally good.
4. Delivery personnel were cooperative and helped to move and unpack as per our instructions.

Minus points:
1. A box with kitchen items (some of them are expensive) did not arrive. Another box had come with wrong labelling which was taken back by the delivery personnel in the truck. But so far the correct box has not been handed over.
2. Some minor damage to a couple of items.
3. Charges to dispose items that we did not want to shift was on the higher side.
Wasim Lokhandwala
7 Aug 2020

While Unni can defend as much as he would like to, the fact remains that they indulge in malpractices.
They will first quote an amount and after possession of goods will increase the amount and demand more. Why can’t the movers weigh on the spot and inform the customers? Isn’t that a good practice.
Secondly, they lie that all charges are paid up whereas the destination clearing agent will ask more money stating Nayak has not paid them and they will not clear the goods till paid.
These guys are completely unprofessional and should be avoided. It was a stressful move.
Anurag Pandey
10 Jun 2020
Fast and Best

Giving Fast and best Services
5 Jun 2020
Singapore to Melbourne

Seamless experience right from engaging with the team until the delivery was made in Melbourne. Customised quote from the Nayak Team (Swathy) to meet our requirements to be cost effective. it was one less headache during the migration to Australia.
Miguel Vargas
3 Jun 2020

We moved from Singapore to Mexico, the service was excelent, the price very good, all the stuff arrived right on time and in accordance to the planed. The best was the attention of the agent, miss Joey, she was very helpful. Congratulations
20 May 2020
moved to Philippines

my move to Philippines was done by Nayak. They were extremely professional and gave a prompt response to all our queries. Will definitely recommend to friends.
Shipra Kumar
14 Mar 2020
Excellent. Smooth.

We had a smooth and pleasant experience. There were no surprises. The goods reached on time and in OK condition. There was no miscommunication of any sorts. Mr. Unni from Nayak Freight was professional and prompt in follow up and responding to queries. I have no hesitation in recommending Nayak Freight to anyone.
6 Mar 2020
Smooth move from Singapore to Melbourne.

Unni and his team were absolutely professional. Packing was done perfectly ensuring minimising of space and maximising protection. End to end communication was a Breeze and goods arrived in perfect condition. They are real professionals you can count on.
29 Feb 2020
Reply to some of the comments

Dear Customers,

We have seen some of the comments in this forum and we feel that it is appropriate to write our reply to these comments as a responsible company for our service.

Mr. Alvin shipment to Sydney - The shipment has delivered yesterday without any damages and the client has signed delivery documents with all items delivered in good condition. This regarding the - No damage in the shipment reported so far

While delivery of the shipment, , it is true that we have indicated unpacking of boxes included in our proposal. There were around 70 boxes and out if 70 boxes, around 40 boxes, unpacked and placed the content on desk or sofa etc. There were no other flat surface available apart from floor. We have informed that it is not possible to place the content like glassware, plates on the floor due to safety issues in Australia and we will unpack these boxes once you make the table top or desk or any furniture place available. These communications took place on the same day by emails. There is no delay in communications
in fact we have informed today morning (within 24 hours) that the crew will come and unpack rest of the boxes and make sure that flat surface available. Instead of accepting this service, the client demanding huge amount of money as he says he unpacked the boxes already. We have informed that our cost of unpacking is 20% of
of his demanding money and we are unable to pay huge money demands. He still demands double amount of our unpacking cost despite our offer of unpacking the boxes . If any proof is required, we have email communications and delivery reports.

Mr.Wasim - Shipment to Canada.

Please note that this shipment is LCL - Less than a container. The client informed us certain volume and we are committed to specific volume with all tight packing.
On the moving day, the client wanted to pack more items . Any shipping knowledgeable person knows that if the volume increases, the charges will increase.
This is applicable particularly for LCL . We are tolerable for 5% increase in volume but there was a substantial amount of additional boxes increased. This will result in paying shipping line charges, terminal handling charges in Canada , port charges in Canada for additional volume as well as delivery charges in Canada. The best we can waive of is some portion of packing charges. All LCL or Groupage shipment charge is based on final packed volume if additional items taking . we clearly inform this to every client as well as future clients who look in this forum because sea shipment charges is based on packing volume. It shall be honest in both ways if additional items taking . As a genuine service provider, we suggest and important the customers to show all the items taking for shipment during the survey as good practice.

Thank you for trusting integrity of our service.

Wasim Lokhandwala
15 Feb 2020
Pathetic service and liars who will extract more money

Firstly, the surveyor will underestimate the load. Then after packing and taking the goods in possession they will state that the load has exceeded and demand more money.
They will give false information on the receiving formalities.
They will lie on the ship out date.
Completely unprofessional crooks, AVOID them
15 Feb 2020
Good service

Unni from Nayak was very understanding and professional. The movers packed and picked up our goods very efficiently. The communication was good until the goods arrived in the mainland of USA. But after that it became very hard to get updates on the status since it is a different company that handles delivery to the destination. I had to call every week multiple times to get estimated delivery date. The delivery service however was very good and professional. I recommend their services.
Wasim Lokhandwala
2 Feb 2020
Very stressful and completely unprofessional company

They lie for everything - process, pricing, dates. And after taking possession of goods, they will demand more money and delay the consignment. I will be soon filing a legal case against them since I have not yet received my consignment
Beatrix Basu
10 Nov 2019
Very bad experience

We moved from India to Sweden and had to ship a part of our household items. The initial communication with the company (Nayak) was good, but the actual execution was very bad. Pretty much everything went wrong with them - from absurd increase of volume to drastic changing prices. Finally our shipment got delayed by more than 6 weeks! Alltogether it was a very bad experience and I can only advice to not deal with this unprofessional company.
Tina Lee
28 Feb 2018
Nayak Freight Singapore

1. Nayak misled me to believe that I have a 20 ft container. Only on the moving day I found out I have a shared container. Nayak never explained to me the term "console container.'
2. Nayak is the cheapest one by S$500, but I am not comparing apple-to-apple. All other vendors said that I would have my own 20 ft container.
3. The packing was very rough...not enough tissue papers to cover the fragile items.
4. The shipment has not arrived...won't be able to comment on the condition of the shipment.
5. I won't recommend this vendor unless you are on a tight budget.
Kim Lam-Minh
8 Feb 2018
Nayak Freight Singapore

On packing day and in the middle of my move, the price is out of the blue 20% higer. In my case 2000 Sgd. One of the fee was a "Full Container Fee" 1000 Sgd.
They quote you a low price, and then pump it up on moving day.

Not happy
Nitin Mathur
11 Jan 2018
Nayak Freight Singapore

Nayak freights did my move very professionally, on time, with least hassle. They kept me informed about the movement at each step and delivered the items almost 10 days before my expectations. Special mention to Unni and Prabhakaran who made everything so smooth, I will recommend them to anyone who wants to move their belongings from Singapore. Please contact me for any enquires.
2 Jan 2018
Nayak Freight Singapore

Nayak Cargo is very good and we moved the household furniture and other stuff from Singapore to Hyderabad, India. They arrived in time on the date of packing and did their job very well. Though they forgot the bed planks to load in the ship, they delivered in the next shipment and all the goods are delivered in time. I suggest this movers strongly. Their charged too are very reasonable and the goods are not damaged at all. The concerned person at the Chennai and Hyderabad too are very responsive and polite.
Joanne khan
30 Dec 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

I recently used Nayak Freight for our move from Singapore to New Zealand - our container is now on its way so I can only review on the actual packing and loading at the departure. I will update my review once it arrives at the destination.
Their customer service was fantastic with the sales team taking a very hands on approach during packing and loading days, they popped in each day during the packing and were there during the loading to ensure everything run smoothly.
The packing crew was very efficient, friendly, polite and very adaptable to requests on what to leave till the end etc. The materials used looked of a good quality - once again I won't know until its all unpacked.
There was great communication with the handling agents at the destination (NZ) which was great.
At this stage I throughly recommend them as I can't think of anything they could have done different or better. We are looking forward to receiving our stuff and settling in to our new home
Vasundhara awasthi
19 Jul 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

I have moved many times prior to this , but never has it been this amazing .
The first point of contact was Mr. Unni who had come for the pitch . He knew exactly what he was talking about , was very clear on the timeline . The movers came in next , Mr Rollo and his team were brilliant .every item was meticulously packed , crated and loaded onto the crate .
India customs was very deftly handled by Mr George and Mr. Raman Kumar . Both went beyond their call of duty to move the container from the customs to our house . Unpacking was done under the supervision of Mr. Raman Kumar . Not one item was missing / broken . We are so very grateful for choosing a nayak over the others .
I really cannot thank them enough . What an amazing team of people , and their prioritiy was always the client's comfort .
Prompt replies to the emails , phone calls .
Many many thanks .
14 Jul 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

The job was excellent and very professionally done in Singapore. Their partners in Vancouver also did a fantastic job.Really really happy with Nayak,Thank you !!!
Karthik Raju
13 Jul 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

Only one company Nayak contacted. And they were totally useless right from site visit to survey to quoting. They never gave me proper details on Indian customs although they sent me a PDF on that subject. They didn't want to tell me openly how much duty I have to pay plus they won't allow me to pay to customs directly. I said fuck off.
Rajan Pasupathi
22 May 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

overall good service. Timely response and support.
2 Mar 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

The total experience was nothing short of awesome. They are professional and understand the client needs well. They are flexible, co operative and friendly. Definitely would recommend them to all
Donna Magnusson
15 Feb 2017
Nayak Freight Singapore

Considering it's been 5 weeks and I had to contact them to see where my shipment is--only to be told that it's now not due until 18 March. I would give them a big fat no star if I could. I am pursuing a partial refund but I'm sure that won't happen. Very very unhappy with this lot.
Surinder Mahandwan
27 Dec 2016
Nayak Freight Singapore

A great experience door to door. No worries. Thank you Team Nayak Freight.
29 Sep 2016
Nayak Freight Singapore

Nayak helped me to load the boxes without my attendee and appreciate that effort
However, I got some boxes torn and my glassware and kitchenware broken even if they were tagged "Fragile". I don't think they were treated carefully enough. I had to dump them.
In addition to that, TNT services was so bad. The status on the website is different from the actual. TNT staff never approached me and informed me of delivery time and required documents for clearing customs declaration. When I asked them how to clear that up as soon as possible, they sent me the wrong guidance three times. I am afraid I have to say I was so unhappy with the service.
Shahab Naziri
13 Sep 2016
Nayak Freight Singapore

Still I have not received my container at Glasgow . Although Nayak promised that I shall receive my Container at Glasgow in Middle of Aug-2016. Now from ReloUK I came to know that I shall receive my Container at the end of Sept. 2016. I am living at Glasgow without my households. Therefore I am not satisfied at all by the Services.
Christina Keller
7 Jun 2016
Nayak Freight Singapore

They came and did an onsite assessment and were responsive to lowering their quote. They arrived early to pack and were efficient.
5 Feb 2016
Nayak Freight Singapore

Very good service
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