Moving Associations on IMR

What does a moving association do?

Moving associations typically offer a mix of services, either by acting as a certifying body (whether independent or not), or by setting up policies for compliance among its members. This ensures that you are moving with a trustworthy company whose functioning has been tested and proven valid.

Which moving associations are commonly found?


The American Moving & Storage Association and its Certified PROMOVER program are the leading national US-based association for professionals in the moving and storage industries. Their most salient points are the compliance of their members in the forms of forced insurance, arbitration of disputes with consumers, forced clarity of tariffs, and having to have a designated agent who may help you with your paperwork and documentation.



FIDI is an originally French organization which has grown to be the leading certifying body for independent certifications audited by a third party. Their flagship certification is the FAIM. FIDI core elements include a minimum amount of transcontinental moves per year, insurance coverage, and anti-bribery & anti-corruption (ABC) policies.



IAM sees itself as the authority of international moving, forwarding and related services. It provides representation in the US, the European Union and the rest of the world. On the membership front, it provides both guidelines to international moving, and has instated more rigorous criteria for becoming an IAM member several years ago. It also provides IAM face-to-face meetings and creates strong bonding and competitiveness between its members. This allows its members to learn from one another, in order to offer you the best service they can. Check out for their website.


The Pan American International Movers Association is a closed network of international moving companies. Members of the association actively try to represent, increase and protect their business. Apart from that it also offers arbitration services.


The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) is a Canada-based national organization whose goal is to represent their customers by providing the movers with the required information and education to perform at their job. That way, CAM-affiliated movers get you across the country in easy mode.


In the United Kingdom, the British Association of Removers is the golden standard for the removal industry. In short, they develop, train and annually inspect their members, in order to incrementally make the UK market more professional and a little friendlier for the consumer.


AFRA, not to be confused with the AFRA in South Africa (land rights activists), is the Australian Furniture Removers Association. They provide training, insurance, dispute resolution, as well as other services to their members (such as storage facilities). They are an official body which helps regulate the moving industry in their country. They also provide disdaining advice for moving families.


Do I need to choose a company linked to a moving association?

Not necessarily, although you may find some of the previously mentioned benefits appealing. Companies linked to a moving association are oftentimes affiliated because they deliver quality and can be trusted, and while a non-linked company can do the job just fine, you also risk the chance to run into a dishonest business.


Should I contact them?

That is not necessary. All large moving associations have a website on which they explain exactly what they do, which things they cover for members, and what they guarantee movers that select an affiliated moving company.

Instead, contact the moving company and ask them critical questions as to what they will do with your items. You can always verify the trustworthiness of (almost) any moving company on our website,

We would be happy to help you see how the moving company you are considering stacks up against its competitors.