About IMR

Our vision

A lot of people are moving from one country to another every day. Some move by themselves, others like to get professional movers to help. Whatever your choice is, an international move can be a daunting experience. International Movers Reviews helps you find a mover if you need one. One that suits your needs.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of moving families find an appropriate mover for them, but we noticed that sometimes things can go wrong. There are a lot of stories out there. Frustrating stories about people whose boxes got damaged or lost, and their removal companies are nowhere to be found! But also success stories about families who moved from Germany to South Africa, and met some friendly movers who politely asked if they had to take off their shoes when they entered the house. You can read all about these stories on our website.

International Moving Reviews is the largest, independent moving review in the world. People experience a lot of stress during their move that, for the most part, could have been prevented. We are here to guide you in your decision which will help you run things as smooth as possible. We are focused on honest, fair and transparent reviews. 

Since we are not dependent on selling your information to moving companies, we are truly the only independent review platform that exists.  

How it works and review policy

Since an average person moves only once in seven to ten (!) years, organizing your move and picking the right mover can be a daunting task. Peoples’ inexperience makes it hard to decide what is important to look (out) for, most moving companies are the same anyway, right?

The moving sector is traditionally non-digital and low-tech, most communication is still offline. As a result, it is still hard to find authentic and independent online reviews for moving companies. Since moving is in the top 3 of most stressful life events, how is it then still not possible to pick the right mover for your move? We also concluded it was time for change and disruption within the industry. 

At International Moving Reviews, we aim to give you a broad selection of information on moving companies. Typically, a mover profile includes reviews, rates, certificates and information on matters such as insurance and quoting (fixed or hourly fees?).  

Since International Moving Reviews is truly independent, it always collects two sides of the story in case of a dispute. As long as the comments follow general guidelines of decency, we transparently publish the full story. If deemed necessary we will request evidence of claims and publish these if possible. It is up to the consumer to give a general take and to decide what story is most representative for that particular mover.

Access one of our thousands of reviews and find out whether you are a dedicated budgeteer or just looking for the best company there is! IMR helps you find what you are looking for. There is so much to compare! So many decisions to make. Let us help you find the right moving company. That is one less worry for you.

Get together with thousands of other people that moved in the past, or share your experience!


Reviews: are they for real?

A new law that has recently passed requires platforms to control if reviews are from authentic users of the product or service. We control and double-check all reviews before we publish them. This is done through several methods (checking for patterns in language for instance). Additionally, we check if a consumer has moved with a particular mover if we are not 100% sure. If we still are hesitant, we ask the consumer to send us extra evidence of the move. 

Roughly 35% of reviews are removed after these control mechanisms. However, the move itself is of course in part experienced subjectively. It is therefore hard for us to assess and therefore we always check two sides of the story.


Review content: what to write and not to write

Our dedicated team curates all reviews whilst double-checking identification (name and email) if in doubt. The review and policy guidelines of International Moving Reviews prohibits the use of profanity, bad language, discrimination, cursing and the revealing of personal data in the submitted reviews. Our team reserves the right to decline reviews if we are in doubt the review is real or written by the mover itself. We also reserve the right to decline a review if in doubt it's written out of the consumers on motivation, at reasonable times and locations (including IP & devices). Unfortunately, whilst taking everything above into account, fake reviews can slip through the cracks. We are striving to eliminate this and to give a representative overall overview of each moving company. 


Privacy has become increasingly important nowadays and this is also an important pillar for our independent website. We, therefore, request to write with courtesy, within the context of the move and without naming specific names of employees of the firm. In the case, privacy and anonymity has been breached we would be forced to remove and/or not submit your review. Did you spot a review that is not following the IMR guidelines? Please write us an email!