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Based on 4 reviews
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16 Jan 2020
Move from Ireland to France

Tony was perfect: very efficient (fast, reliable, accommodating, strong arms, etc.) and friendly.
Unfortunately, no VAT because of where the company is registered. No link between this company and the "AK Movers" in other continents.
12 Aug 2018
Seamless move

Seamless move. I highly recommend Tony Kavanagh of AK movers. Good price, excellent communication and efficient service.
Baran Sari
31 Oct 2015
AK Movers & Shipping

One of the best moving companies that I've ever seen. Tony is very flexible and always responsive to your questions and tries to do the best to solve your problems. He took my stuff from Amsterdam on Tuesday as promised and delivered to Ireland on Saturday morning (even earlier than the promise day). I would highly recommend AK movers.
Ines Cabrito
19 Feb 2015
AK Movers & Shipping

Very thing well really well. There was only a small issue with the plants we moved with us and one of them ended not resisting.
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