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Since moving industry veterans George Fouch and Dave Dack opened the doors to Rainier Overseas Movers in 1979, we have grown to handle over 5000 shipments to ports all over the world every year.
George and Dave are the first to acknowledge that the staff at Rainier Overseas Movers has been the key to Rainier’s high customer satisfaction and our success since day one.
Rainier has grown and prospered by focusing on the needs of our customers. We understand how stressful it can be just moving across town. By hiring seasoned industry professionals we at Rainier Overseas Movers have become the most reliable, efficient and cost effective international freight forwarding company in the world.
We take great pride in our high customer satisfaction ratings. To insure that satisfaction, we partner with a select network of domestic and foreign shipping agents to assist us in moving your goods virtually anywhere in the world. These agency partners are continuously evaluated and selected based on proven performance.
While participating in the overseas moving industry for three decades, Rainier has always kept pace with the latest technical innovations including the latest on-line systems which allow us to integrate all operational, administrative and accounting activities as well as track shipments and monitor service contracts with various transportation service providers.
Becoming the largest firm in the industry has never been a goal for Rainier Overseas Movers. With careful, steady growth, Rainier’s priority has always been to consistently provide its customers with a professional, dependable and worry-free overseas moving experience.
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Based on 23 reviews
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10 Aug 2023
So good I hired them twice! International moves are stressful--but Rainier made mine so much easier. I had two from the US to Europe, the first at the end of Covid times. For the first move I did all the research, called a bunch of companies, had estimates, and Rainier looked like the best. And they came through: one of the best prices, quick to answer any of my questions with patience and good humor (thank you Chuck!), coordinated all the details and managed the paperwork, and used good local companies that were on time, efficient, nice to work with and did great packing and delivery work. For the second move, I didn't need to look around: Rainier was ready and did everything right, again. Thank you, Rainier, for making two difficult moves so much better than I thought they could possibly be!
Mark G
24 May 2023
I moved from Seattle Washington to Porto, Portugal, including a full D7 Visa process and overseas shipping of my items. The Visa process and the entire process of moving overseas is very complicated and expensive, not just in the USA but coordinating all from here to over there. I interviewed multiple international movers and shippers in my process from the East coast to West coast of the US. I chose Rainier Overseas Movers based on comfort of my research, interviewing my contact person of the firm, all other companies they work with in process, experience, expertise within the country I was moving to and price to service and value. I was assigned to David Wiviott, VP of Rainier. From the start, he was responsive, fair in my process, understood my needs and was very informative of his competition and what made Rainier and their partner firms so special. David and his team, including their partner firms were outstanding. The local mover they chose was excellent from the beginning of the process to the wood crating of my artwork and packaging of all other personal items to be shipped. All were professional, knowledgeable, timely, respectful and protective of my items. Also, the firm and main contact that Rainier Overseas uses in Portugal, Invictus Relocation and Vanessa Alexandra were outstanding, The "little things are BIG things" moving internationally, especially dealing with another country and their requirements. Do your research, interview all and make your decision. Complications do happen, and you had better have the people to help you. I am very pleased with David at Rainier Overseas Movers in Washington State, Vanessa at Invictus Relocation in Portugal and my process start to finish. My items arrived safely and in good order and within the timeline set forth by David and Vanessa. Believe me when I say, be cautious of the lowest prices, go with value as you see it and determine in your process. Rainier Overseas Movers were both "promises made and promises delivered." That is what I call real VALUE. Thanks David, Vanessa and their teams!!!
Tim Wade
5 May 2022
I moved half-way around the world at the end of 2021. It was a hard time to manage international shipping but Rainier was very responsive every step of the way. Their partners both packing in California and unpacking in Victoria were great. They were all respectful working in our home and worked hard. We shipped a whole house of stuff and all arrived safely except 4 plates, a vase and a 1 inch gash in a sofa.
The only reason I did not score them 5/5 was because the it all took longer and cost a little more than we had all planned. I don't think that was Rainier's fault, but it was a long process.
Rob Oslund
2 Apr 2022
Fantastic service! I worked with Chuck Crosslin on my move from Wisconsin to Germany during the COVID shipping backlog and was completely satisfied. I received prompt replies to all emails and knowledgeable explanations of the process. All my stuff arrived in good condition.
Laura M
6 Mar 2022
Don Arroyo at Rainier Overseas Movers was absolutely fantastic to work with; our shipment from Oman to the US was caught up in the Covid-19 shipping container nightmare. Don stayed in touch with us throughout the year-long saga, and managed to re-route our shipment within the US at the 11th hour, with great flexibility and ease. Highly recommend Don and ROM for your international move.
Michelle S
4 Feb 2022
I used Rainier Overseas Movers Inc to move from Seattle, USA, to Cape Town, South Africa. David Wiviott, Relocation Manager and his team handled all the hassle regarding an international relocation(Insurance, Customs, etc.). The movers did excellent work, from packing in Seattle to unpacking in Cape Town. No damages/losses and no hidden costs. I highly recommend David Wiviott at Rainier Overseas Movers for his professionalism, knowledge, and being super-efficient. He is good at this!
15 Apr 2021
In good hands

We had heard that this was the company to go with, and is that ever true. Complete professionalism and friendliness from start to finish- they really go above and beyond.
Cara Hafner
15 Apr 2021
Oregon to New Zealand

We moved our household goods from Oregon to New Zealand in August 2020. Don was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Great communication - explained the process thoroughly, responded quickly to emails and phone calls, etc- which was essential with such a major move in a stressful time. We were so happy with his help and the companies he chose for each step of the way that we used Don and Rainier with a second, unexpected shipment about 5 months later in January 2021. Again, easy from start to finish. I highly recommend using them for an international move. They are awesome.
Antoinette Drouart
20 Jan 2021
Moved from Nashua NH to Oulins France

We had furniture and good inherit by my daughter who lives in France. We are now in the US. This company was referred to us by GENTLE MOVERS who already had done an overseas move for us 5-6 yrs ago. We visited different movers and for sure these at Rainer were the best all around. The got back to us fast, sent an estimate quickly and walked us thru the process. No hiccups. I would choose them again, and definately recommend them to others.
Bill Wright
12 Jan 2021
Moved to France after retiring

We were leary about moving overseas again, but Chuck at Rainer Overseas walked through the whole way, even helping us at the end when Covid was slowing things down for us. You can depend on them & their partners for your move, and then did a great job packing and protecting our goods.
Graeme Norris
4 Jan 2021
I moved from Union City, NJ, USA, to Brisbane, Australia.

I definitely recommend Rainier Overseas Movers Inc. I found them to be very professional. All my enquiries were answered promptly and with consideration. Their pricing was reasonable and they were easy to work with. All my furniture and belongings arrived without any breakages.
Jim ODonnell
4 Nov 2020
Truly excellent service

Rainier coordinated a complicated small move with tight deadlines across a tough border and hit every nail square on the head. Chuck was amazingly helpful in getting us to understand the choices and challenges and then overcame every difficulty along the way to a perfectly-timed white glove delivery. They clearly have the right partners and contacts to make things happen. We do need another cross-border move soon and we will use Rainier again.
Andrew Trempe
1 Nov 2020

Rainier did a fantastic job with our move from the US to UK, especially with the COVID circumstances. Don Arroyo was extremely helpful and always answered my questions quickly. Overall I am very happy with their work!
11 Oct 2020
As easy as can be

Rainier sorted out what, to me, was a complicated move: relocating from London, UK to Seoul, South Korea in the middle of a pandemic. They handled everything beautifully and coordinated the outbound and inbound companies. I didn't have to worry about customs or other headaches. My shipment arrived undamaged ahead of schedule.
Sheila Morganelli
2 Oct 2020

Chuck Crosslin with Rainier overseas movers did an amazing and flawless job exporting my car from the Middle East into the US. The process was so easy even during Covid when ships were delayed.
Paul Dunning
13 Aug 2020
Outstanding Service Throughout

I used Rainier because the method they used to ship my good was using a Liftvan (rather than palletization).
They were perhaps 10% more expensive than a number of other firms quoting, but the service was exceptional. Communication was first rate and the goods were picked up on the date agreed, complete with video remote contact (as we were not present due to the pandemic). We were given a timeframe of 2-3 months from East Coast USA to UK and the Liftvan was delivered just over 2 months after collection in Rhode Island. We were able to track its progress too. Thanks to Mark Lawson at Rainier for arranging a first class move in difficult circumstances.
Barbara Palermo
11 Aug 2020
Good overall

Overall it was a good experience. All of our belongings were packed and stored for two months before being shipped overseas. It arrived a day earlier than expected. The movers handled all of the paperwork, which was nice. All of our fragile glassware and oil paintings arrived in tact, but several pieces of antique furniture suffered minor damage and one leg on one of the dining room chairs broke off.
Barbara Sarbin
27 Jul 2020
Excellent communication, stress free, on time, helpful.

We had to move school furniture from NY to Hawai'i as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The owner, Don Arroyo, helped us through ever step. He was so communicative and warm and friendly, it made all the difference. I highly recommend this company.
Gary Brian France
21 Jul 2020
Absolutely superb service from Rainier Overseas Movers!!

My wife and I are so incredibly grateful to have found Rainier Overseas Movers. Director of International sales Don Arroyo was absolutely SUPERB on so many levels. His attention to detail, calm demeanor, availability and all around knowledge regarding our case was just wonderful. It was always a pleasure to communicate with him.
Don apparently has over 30 years in international moving and boy does it show. We had to process our move from the USA to the UK just one week prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, needless to say a little added stress to our situation. Don was such a calming influence and informative presence as things progressed. Our eventual destination was a rather remote one in Scotland and everything arrived without any issues at all.
"Thanks" again Don Arroyo, you are very very good at what you do . . . a real asset to Rainier Overseas Movers!!
We will not hesitate to utilize Don's services at a future date should the need arise. Indeed anyone considering an international move should look no further than Rainier Overseas Movers!!
Isa Emin Hafalir
31 Aug 2017
Rainier Overseas Movers Inc.

Other than arrival date had to be postponed due to some external problems, I think the move has been satisfactory so far.
Anna Houltham
6 Jul 2016
Rainier Overseas Movers Inc.

Things went well at the offset, but then there were delays... many of them... and a quoted 55-75 day relocation took 110 days. Some of this was out of the mover's control but I think they got themselves the cheapest deals with ships and therefore did not send my container the quickest or most direct route available,
gary jo gardenhire
6 Jul 2016
Rainier Overseas Movers Inc.

i found their employees quite reassuring and accommodating. very thorough. reasonably priced.
Amanda Niedfeldt
8 Jun 2016
Rainier Overseas Movers Inc.

We worked with Mark Lawson from Rainier Overseas Movers moving from Minnesota, USA to the SW of England. We had excellent service! Mark communicated superbly and responded instantly to any questions or concerns. The price was fair and, most importantly, our stuff arrived in good condition along the communicated timeline.
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