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4 May 2023
We had a wonderful experience with Blue Horizon for our international move to Australia! I contacted over 10 companies and found their professionalism and quote was the best! I was in contact with Michelle and David and both were very helpful and knowledgeable. I was moving from Idaho which was a little more inland from the ports so they worked with me in finding an alternative to save some money and drive my belongings to Washington, which worked out great. David was able to tell me over the phone before packing our stuff up onto a moving truck that I probably had too much stuff and it wouldn’t fit. This was very good and accurate advice. Saved us so stress at the last minute given we were able to get rid of some more items. The communication was great the whole time and the delivery on the other end was very prompt and the movers were very nice. Everything ran as planned and we received our belongings just over 2 months. Would highly recommend this shipper.
Sheba George
28 Sep 2022
This is pretty much my fault. Last year I researched for a company to move my items from USA to the Middle East. I came across blue horizon and read a combination of really bad reviews pertaining to one particular person [I wondered how bad can this person be to receive such nasty comments from so many people) and at the same time I read some good reviews. I reached out to the company and was incredibly welcomed by the lady who receives requests from clients. I openly discussed with her the bad reviews about the particular colleague of hers and she said that in fact he’s a really nice guy and that those reviews were not fair. I trusted her. I even mentioned in my email that if everything goes well I will take it upon myself to write a good review for this person because I thought it was unfair what the reviewers have said about him. I was wrong. The lady called me a VIP customer and insured me that if there was any problem I could reach out to her- and I trusted her. This was not true either. When there were several problems I reached out to her and no response.

The actual pick up of the shipment Was done on time, the paperwork, the contract, that was all fine. My items were picked up end of January/ early February 2022 and arrived to the Middle East in the summer. I was told it would take much less even though they knew about the global delays well in advance. And sure enough There were horrific delays. But this is not the fault of blue horizon as there really was global delays in the shipping lines yet they insisted it would take 3-4 months max. what was was also not fair And very bad service was how they handled the delays which were never conveyed to me unless I asked and even when I asked at times k had to send reminders to get information. That particular person in question was my focal point and I asked him on several occasions to be more proactive and to share information with me but to no avail. Finally my shipment arrived and boy can I tell you that they arrived in the worst conditions ever!. A hand made painting by a local New York artist was destroyed because they wrapped it in Nothing more but tissue paper. My mattress, which cost me almost $3000, was damaged, I specifically had mentioned to them the need to protect this mattress but again they did not care. Although I was the one who packed my suitcases and this is not covered under the insurance, most of the exterior of my suitcases were either ripped or broken or damaged. My west elm leather sofa was also damaged. And on top of it when I was filing my claim with the insurance company the insurers said that they will not cover the painting because blue horizon said it was not packed by them but packed by me, which is a complete lie. I had to look up the email which clearly proves otherwise and send it back to the insurance company. And after all this when I wrote to blue horizon asking to speak to their manager because I was completely dissatisfied with the service the gentleman in question said that all complaints can be addressed to him. I mentioned that the complaint was about him and he refused to share with me the managers email. I highly highly highly recommend against this company and that you use any other shipping company in the US but blue horizon. I second every bad review that was written about this company, their incredibly poor customer service, and the quality of their shipping.l and I should have been smarter and listened to them. I hope you listen to me and others
11 Sep 2022
We had set the boxes off around mid mid June. Blue Horizon Shipping said the ETA would be mid August, then delayed to September, then to October. We have to wait 4 month just to get our stuff. It includes beds, computers, personal things. If you choose to go with this company, give your items a goodbye kiss because you probably won't see them again until whenever blue horizon feels like it.
Abraham Cunningham
5 Mar 2021
Best movers

Blue Horizon Shipping was extremely professional, the crew was over the top polite! I felt completely comfortable having these people in my house. They were dedicated and extremely efficient. I've moved three times in the last 5 years and by far they are my favorite moving company.
Sila Tupe
17 Jan 2021
Wonderful , great service

I moved from Oakland California USA ?? . To Otorohanga, New Zealand ?? . I haven’t ever had a plan go so smooth . Nothing was damage or
Everything arrived to New Zealand in one peace . I love to give a special thanks to David Rico . He’s a very knowledgeable person . Very polite and experiences great customer services thank you very much . I will use you services again or recommend your services to my family and friends. If I could give you 10 stars ⭐️ I would off .
Benedikt Brommer
4 Jan 2021
They overcharged and lost 4 moving boxes

Blue Horizon overcharged us by $400, lost 4 of our moving boxes and then they reimbursed us $250
= 4 boxes lost and $150 paid more than agreed upon.

We shipped 75 moving boxes from Boston to Berlin, Germany. The pick-up in June went smoothly and on the agreed-upon date. As they had suggested, we had stacked the boxes in an area, marked with tape on the floor, to ensure that it was no more than 200 sq, so we would only have to pay $2000 +insurance. After they got the boxes, they overcharged us for 240 sq, though (which was $2400).

Since this was during the pandemic, we can't blame them that it took several months for it to arrive. However, in between we had moved within Berlin after three months and had told them the new address (and that the new place was located on the third floor). The information that we would have to pay several hundreds of Euro extra for delivery to the third floor was only given to us on the phone half an hour before the truck arrived. We ended up hiring Berlin moving helpers for less than 100 Euros, but because of the short notice we had to wait with all our boxes in the entrance hall for a few hours.

Worst of all: Out of 75 boxes, 4 boxes were never delivered. We noticed immediately, and told the crew and Blue Horizon.
Since our insurance had a $500 deductible and the boxes had a declared value of slightly under $500 we were never reimbursed, but Blue Horizon agreed to reimburse us $250. Since they had already overcharged us by $400, we actually ended up paying more than we agreed to in the first place and loosing a significant amount of our stuff forever.

Needless to say, that we will never use this company again.

Some good advice at the end:
Don't only look at the price for the shipping as much as the price for the insurance. We valued our stuff relatively low to not pay too much insurance. However, I would think you should price each box at least with $250. In that case if the box gets lost on the way, it is in the company's interest to find and ship it to you. If the value is less than what it would cost them to ship it to you there is no incentive for them to ever find the box in the first place. -_-

Obviously, valuing 75 boxes at $200 each, leads to insurance costs of $562.50 :-(
Peter Eckart
30 Dec 2020
Empty promise, lots of trouble

Sadly have to give the poorest possible rating - communication was good, planning was good, everything before the actuual move was fine, BUT the key reason we chose Blue Horizon was the promise to get our stuff to Europe faster than the competition. That's way we decided to pay more more money ... The outcome: we sat in an empty apartment for 1 months, waiting ... The worst: Blue Horizon claimed that that's none of their business - all the shipping companies fault: "We never promised anything, only an estimate ....", "Nothing we can do.", while we were watiching our container sitting i Panama and the Bahamas for weeks and, how, in the end, it took 2 weeks to get the container fro Rotterdam to Switzerland ... Still angry thinking about it ... NEVER use them: service only good until they have their money ...
Spencer Kirk
23 Jul 2020
Great service

Always a great move when I work with Blue Horizon Shipping! They are very professional and make sure to complete the job right. They are very careful with my belongings and make sure to never load anything without it being completely secure! Thank you for all the hard work every time!
Mills Chae
21 Jul 2020

Perfect moving experience thanks to Blue Horizon Shipping! They had a wonderful attitude, and completed the move without any issues. This by far has been the best moving company I have ever worked with!
Collier Queen
16 Jul 2020

Blue Horizon your staff is amazing! I needed a package sent quickly and they made it happen during these tough times. I have always enjoyed shipping my products with Blue Horizon they have always been so organized and friendly!
Oconnell Raina
7 Jul 2020
Best movers

Although we are in the middle of a epidemic Blue Horizon Shipping was able to send my very important package across the world! They have been my go to shipping company for over a year now, they have never disappointed me!
Ernser Francisco
6 Jul 2020
Excellent service

Blue Horizon Shipping is very organized and is my number one shipping company to go to! They make sure to keep track of your package throughout the process much better then other companies!
Jenniffer Gonzalez
29 Jun 2020

My experience is similar to the other ones here. You are told one price and then charged another much, much higher price. I have to pay extra $$$ in customs for some reason as well. Our shipment took a long time to get with a million excuses given. Mr. Rico insulted me and hung the phone on me, several times. Apparently, this company has changed its name and location before due to poor reviews. This is SCAM all the way around. Do yourself a favor and stay away!!!
paolo cardinali
28 Feb 2020
Los Angeles to Milan - What a scam!

This company is so UNPROFESSIONAL I don't even know where to begin. Stay Away! Also stay away from the Italian company that supports them called Global Move Specialists. Fees keep piling up. They are not properly disclosed or quanitifed at time of contract. We booked a full container to accelerate delivery and still took 2 1/2 months!! they kept stuff in their facility before shipping it in very poor conditions. Also all the boxes clearly marked as FRAGILE where placed at the bottom with heavy boxes on top. Paitings were put upside down. We took pictures and sent them to them and they couldn't care less!!!! SCAM: Horrible customer service. I was also insulted on the phone by DAVID RICO. STAY AWAY: I should have read these reviews first!!!
Robbie Rosabel
26 Feb 2020
Amazing service

Moving from Miami to Paris was easy thanks to blue horizon shipping. I was overwhelmed to think how was I going to move my belongings most importantly my car to what would be my new home. After reading a couple reviews and comparing prices I decided to go with blue horizon shipping, I could have not been more happy with this company. They picked up my car in a truck and had it shipped to Paris in perfect timing for my arrival. All my other belongings were also delivered in the timing agreed on making it so easy for me to get here and have everything placed in my new home. If you are looking for a international shipping for cars, or other big items I recommend blue horizon shipping.
Aaron Baker
17 Feb 2020
Amazing !!!

Blue horizon shipping has been my go to shipping company since I moved to Miami. They are very reliable, and work hard in what they do. They make sure to provide the best service, and ship all items well wrapped in order for no accidents to happen along the way. I have never had an issue with Blue horizon shipping, there prices are also very convenient. They have a customer for life with me.
Nathan James
7 Feb 2020
Great Service

Positive and quick shipping experiences with Blue Horizon, I have tried several other shipping companies in the Miami Beach area but they are definitely the most coordinated and cautious with their international shipments. Especially for something as important and work hardware deliveries.
17 Jan 2020
Incompetent and dishonest

Do not use this company for international moves. They send local movers who have no clue about moving freight by ship and securing your belongings. They did such a poor job of documenting our contents that we had to pay an extra $2000 in Customs fees on the delivery end. The people who run Blue Horizon will tell you what you want to hear and are not honest with what they promise. We were told 7-8 weeks, but it took over 3 months. We were told that they were going to pull our container aside to secure the contents with a strap or rope, but they did not. We were told that the paperwork would be acceptable by Australian Customs, but it was not. Either these company has no clue how to legally and efficiently send freight overseas, or they are dodgy and just taking your money for doing the absolute bare minimum. Go elsewhere!
Gorge Borges
26 Dec 2019
Great Experience, Miami- London

I moved from BHS from North Miami to London and had a great experience, the crew arrived on time, they packed really well, i had a very nice chandelier with lots of pieces that was very fragile and they packed it so nice, better then the store, the team was very professional, knew preciously what they were doing, i gave them very nice tip as well.
In London their agent J. A. Colles did a great job as well, it took only 2 days from the arrival of my shipment to get everything cleared and delivered, again the team was very nice, very professional.
Thank you BHS for doing a superb job.
Sarah Wills Elicker
28 Nov 2019
Everything went smoothly, good price & communication

Everything went smoothly, good price & communication at both ends. We shipped a 20ft self pack container with household goods from Oakland (California) to Lyttelton (Christchurch, New Zealand).
Dr. Joseph Gagnon
15 Feb 2019
This company is completely dishonest. I urge people to stay

Bureau of Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20580

February 13, 2019

To whom it may concern:

This consumer complaint concerns the following contact person and company:

David Rico
Blue Horizon Shipping Inc.
1108 Kane concourse #310
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154
Fax- 877 708 0970
Toll Free- 888 285 2583 ext 202

At the time of the incident, I was a Professor at the University of Florida and a resident in Gainesville, Florida. The company was hired to ship a 40-foot container to my new home in Helsinki, Finland. An initial estimate was provided for 1,300 cubic feet and 155 items for an estimated cost of $9,595. After packing, I was inappropriately charged $13,245. Below, I detail my serious concerns with the company’s representative and the fraudulent assertions and charges. As the shipping container is on its way to Finland, I request assistance to resolve the issues before it arrives in port in Helsinki on approximately January 15, 2019.

Issue 1: The shipper (David Rico, Blue Horizon Shipping) asserted that there was only 2 feet of open space left in the container when there was 10-15 feet of open space. He asserted in a phone call that I didn’t know the extent that the container was filled because I was not at my apartment when the container was loaded. In fact, I was there and saw at least 10-15 feet of open space in the container. In his email messages, he further asserted that he checked with the contracted packers and that there was only two feet of space. He sent a picture of someone else’s container (and admitted doing so) as the basis of his claim. Then, Mr. Rico sent another picture where it is not possible to gauge the amount of open space. The veracity of my assertion can be completely verified upon receipt of the container in Finland.

Issue 2: Items in the estimate were dismantled and re-counted as multiple items. This inaccuracy then was used to justify significant cost increases by making it appear that we added almost 100 items after the estimate. Also, packed items were listed on the packing invoice as “miscellaneous”, making it impossible to accurately compare the initial estimate with the packed list of items.

Email to me 12/21/18:
Mr. Gagnon,
Good day. I can explain the reason for the increase in price. Let me know when is a good time to speak on the phone.
The person who is handling your shipment is me, and I happen to be a supervisor.
When speaking with Leah, it was determined that you had 1300 CF (155 Item) of personal goods to be shipped. A decision was made not to go with a smaller container, but also to keep the volume and rate at 1300 CF.

On the day of the pick up 241 items where packed and loaded, therefore the volume increased to 1800 CF. The cost of the shipment therefore increases. There is a significant amount of additional packing and labor involved in such a large increase.

Email from me 12/27/18:
I did start looking at the two lists. It is a bit difficult to decipher the mover's writing, but let me give you an example of something that was counted differently between the estimate and moving. For example, the small table with a glass top was counted as 1 item in the estimate and two items from the movers. Additionally, many of the items specifically listed in the estimate seem to now just be counted as miscellaneous, which makes it impossible for me to compare.
I would also reassert my request for the picture of the container.

Email from me 12/27/18:
First, I suggest that you talk with the movers--and I'm hoping they are honest-because these pictures are a bit difficult to interpret, given the angle. However, there was no doubt that the 2 foot comment is 100% wrong. One of the pictures does show a bit more clearly how far back our stuff stopped. I maintain that there was about 15 feet. The container was 2/3 full at the maximum. Second, I don't know what that roll is in front of the wood barrier, but it isn't ours.

As I noted, this notion that there was more is difficult to gauge, but I think that you need to look clearly at the two lists and see where your movers inaccurately counted or counted differently.

Email to me 12/27/18 (picture of someone else’s shipping container):
The pictures of the container was sent last week along with your invoice.
I have reattached it.
Another photo shows the way the container was properly loaded.

Email to me 12/28/18:
Mr. Gagnon
Your invoice is attached. Payment is due by December 27th 2018.
The actual size of the shipment is 1800 Cubic Feet. 241 Items where picked up. Your estimate included 155 items.
The increase in price is related to the increase in actual volume occupied by the items shipped.
Attached are photos showing the almost full container.

Issue 3: Shipper admission that the inventory was inaccurate.

Email to me 12/27/18:
Mr. Gagnon,
3) The inventory is inaccurate. Some items are taken apart and go from one piece to one or two. This still doesn't account for the fact more items “where” [sic] shipped.

Issue 4: The pictures provided of our shipping container were not our container. The shipper used these pictures to assert the amount of space available in the container and the fact that we had also shipped a large rug. The shipper reported that he verified the existence of a rug in our container and only corrected his error after I proved that there was no rug listed on the packing invoice. The rug was yet another example of a justification for the increased price. Upon admission that the rug was from a picture of another container, the cost was not decreased.

Email to me 12/28/18:
Mr. Gagnon,
The last item in the container is your Rug. I have confirmed this with the moving team.

Email from me 12/28/18:
Please tell me where there is a rug on the list of items. I see no such listing.

Email to me 12/31/18:
Mr. Gagnon,
You are correct. The photo was sent to you by mistake, it was for another container.

As is evident, Mr. Rico and Blue Horizon Shipping Inc. attempted to justify the increased costs by making inaccurate assertions. These assertions were rescinded only after I was forced to prove the claims were fraudulent. In each case, I was able to provide incontrovertible proof that Mr. Rico’s claims were completely inaccurate. One deceitful claim by Mr. Rico, that the container is completely full except for two feet of empty space, can be completely verified when the container arrives in Helsinki.

I request assistance with this matter at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your consideration and assistance.


Joseph Calvin Brojomohun-Gagnon, Ph.D.
Faculty of Education Sciences
University of Helsinki
PL 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 5A)
Helsinki, Finland 00014
Office and Cell: +358 0504724600
Cell (USA): +001 352-256-0095
Michael Pettersson
27 Aug 2018
Unreliable, bad service

I have used Blue Horizon Shipping for the first, the only and the last time. Unreliable company that is not giving any commitment(s) - you pay and hopefully you will see your shipment. We had contracted Boston - Barcelona with ETA 5-7 weeks. Shipment only left US after 7 weeks and went to Rotterdam where it stayed for another 5 weeks before finally being sent to Barcelona. Unreliable, bad service and they told us after pick up we had exceed the cubicfeet by 25% - without any evidence. Don't use them - and neither International Movers Network Inc. - we initially contracted them but they said they made a price mistake and increased the price by 35% less than 3 weeks before the move.
Katrina Diaz
6 Jun 2018
Blue Horizon Shipping

I'd absolutely recommend Blue Horizon Shipping. They were efficient, quick, and delivered all my items safe and sound and much more quickly than I expected. All around great service!
Gloria DuVerney
4 Feb 2018
Blue Horizon Shipping

Hi all,
Blue Horizon was great from day one. They came and give me an assessment and quote and waited patiently for me to get better because I had an accident and was in hospital.
After the four weeks wait they came and wrapped all my stuff and took them to their storage.
They were paid and now my shipment is on it's way to the UK.
Blue Horizon Shipping are tops in my book.
stu Godley
8 Dec 2017
Blue Horizon Shipping

Once you've paid upfront you get mediocre service at best.
Greta Sanchez
15 Nov 2017
Blue Horizon Shipping

Our moving from Florida USA to Valencia Spain was wonderful, you are the best!!!
Jackie Weaver
2 Oct 2017
Blue Horizon Shipping

Very helpful, reasonably priced and worked with me to manage picking up my stuff around Hurricane Irma since she blew in & messed up our original schedule. They picked up from the storage location I had to put things in since we had to fly out before they could come.
sigal bar-gill
11 Sep 2017
Blue Horizon Shipping

The movers arrived on 6/22, took all of our already packed boxes, and were gone. We were promised that they'd send the boxes in a consolidated container from NJ to Israel within the month. Fast forward 2 months and our luggage was still waiting to be sent in NJ. We called the office many times but got nothing but rude responses from the guy responsible for our shipment and his manager, that it's within their right and they didn't breach any contract. Whether they were right or not, it doesn't matter. We felt like a captive audience, just waiting for our luggage to arrive, and couldn’t do anything about it. It arrived almost 3 months after its original date of departure (from Belmont, MA). Our friends that moved to Israel 2 months after us and used another company, already got their luggage. Today the luggage finally arrived. Now I can tell you that I do not recommend Blue Horizon at all! On top of all the delay and the heart ache they caused us, my favorite salad bowl was broken (it
Renate connolly
13 Feb 2017
Blue Horizon Shipping

Pleasant, courteous, and professional service. The following was prompt and the date was set and contract was signed.
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