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Based on 44 reviews
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Damage free
Tori Mclennon
22 Feb 2021
Aussie to Nz - 4 month wait

Nothing damaged and a good price. But the delivery time was way longer than estimated. If you have time to wait and want a cheap deal then go for it. Just don’t expect great communication or realistic deadlines.
Susan Gowan
20 Jan 2021
Totally professional from start to finish

A stress free experience from packing up in Australia, storage in the UK to final delivery of our goods. Couldn't have wished for a more professional experience.
Todd Roman
26 Oct 2020
Reasonably good planning up until arrival and packing.

We moved internationally, from Melbourne, in April of 2020. This was during the first wave of COVID-19 and OSS expressed strong interest in doing the move, since they said that business had tapered off and their employees needed the work. Unfortunately, the lack of quality in packing, resulted in a much larger quantity of boxes than necessary and broken furniture, due to inexperience and/or laziness.

For instance, we had a marble coffee table with removable brass legs, where were left on and then the table was loaded down with weight, bending the marble top and detaching the legs from the pressboard substrate underneath (the table was ruined and could not be repaired).

A leather couch had been shoved over something that broke off one of the wooden feet. Since it was solid wood, the force must have been quite strong, based on the company that did the repair.

Two solid wood dressers, were covered with bubble wrap, but in a way in which the bottom could not be protected, resulting in a forklift or the dressers stacked on top of something, breaking the support pieces underneath. My bet is on the forklift.

A rubber, threaded leveling post was sheared off of a cast iron bistro table, since the table was not disassembled properly before shipping.

A digital piano was bubble wrapped - no wooden crate. Same with a 1 year old LCD TV and an iMac - just wrapped in thin bubble wrap and stuffed into a box.

Our organic latex queen mattress with a cotton cover was bubble wrapped with the same material they used for everything else - no cardboard or plastic wrap. Subsequently, due to the heat in the cargo container, the odor from the bubble wrap could not be removed (the natural cotton cover alone cost $600 to replace).

We found box after box, half full of packing paper, with maybe an empty plastic tote inside. No attention to detail, consolidation, or care for valuable and/or expensive items.

Here is where this company performed as expected:

1. They were responsive when they wanted to be paid, which was before any work began
2. The person who estimated the original cost, showed up on time (of course, they needed the work...)
3. To be fair, they did call when they were to start packing, and showed up as expected.
4. Their documentation/inventory was accurate, albeit was hard to read due to legibility and spelling, but that's to be expected.

I'm posting this review to several sites, to try and get as far a reach as possible, so others are forewarned that OSS should be avoided.
Paige Carnie
24 Jun 2020
Easy, friendly and cheap.

Due to the current pandemic I had to move back home to Scotland from Melbourne Australia. This all happened extremely quickly and I as it was my first time using a service like this with this scale of move I found everything explained to me very nicely. I was of course in a stressful situation but never felt any stress with the company and all their workers were extremely helpful. The movers themselves in Melbourne were easy going and got the job done extremely quickly. I am yet to receive my items but have no doubt that will be no bother also. I could not have done this without them.
Keith Symes
15 May 2020
appalling after goods collected

the service up until I paid for the move fromMelbourne to UK. Collection guys were excellent and appeared to pack well. Have now been told by the UK receiving agents (White and Company) that my goods will be delivered when they have a truck coming to my area, at no time did OSS advise me that I may have to wait indefinitely for my things. Whilst appreciating affects of Coronaviris, the UK receiving agents and OSS don’t correspond unless I chase them, and tell me that delivery will occur when they have transport coming to my area. Still waiting for my goods and no one will tell me when they will be delivered.
consider other companies if undertaking an international move.
Donna Pudney
10 Apr 2020

If I could go back in time I would not pick this company, neither will I be picking this mover should I move internationally again. From the uplift on the 10th Jan 2020 til when we finally got our container on the 4th March this move was dogged with problems. The primary in charge guy was overly assertive, a lot of the boxes were only half filled, I have have recieved broken items, they didn't care about our books, they were just thrown in the boxes haphazardly and came out with pages chrushed and books bent, my daughter was so upset about the treatment of her books that she was in tears, I just got angry. One of our pictures is cracked, and then they couldn't fit all the items on the container and told us we would have to pay for another container, which we didn't they had to repack the container to fit it all in and then we got items that we had told them not to uplift like an old queen sized mattress and other bits of rubbish that were in the garage to go to the tip!!!!!!! So they missed the sailing that our container was meant to go on and then there were other delays which admittedly wern't completely their fault, but all in all I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
Lorina McAdam
18 Feb 2020
Worry-free professional service

After sending out a request for a quote, OSS World Wide Movers were one of the first to contact me with clear questions about the information they needed, and they came back quickly with a clear quote that was significantly below others we received. Their email communication was excellent - plenty of follow up, and clear forms (although sometimes with different email chains and repetition, but better too much than not enough!). The team that came to pick up our things were punctual, friendly and professional and did a great job of making sure that things were packed well and did a beautiful job of protecting everything, so we feel pretty sure things will arrive safely. We've just been notified that our ship has departed, so overall our experience has been extremely positive, and I'd have no hesitations in recommending OSS World Wide Movers, or using them again.
17 Feb 2020
using OSS made the move easy and less stressful

Our move was done in a stressful situation, ie immigration changes, a 10 mths old and I was 5 months pregnant. OSS made the whole move easy, nothing was an issue, packing was swift and nothing was broken! We had moved between countries 3 times in 4 years with work and this was the most seamless and it was the biggest
Move! Especially nothing was broken!!!!!!

Communication was great as well with OSS they followed up well. Company on the other side was good however not as communicative as OSS but it got the job done and they were pleasant.

Thank you for all your help! I have already recommended OSS to other expats in Australia.
Lynne Gillies
20 Jan 2020
Very Frustrating

the first part of the process went very smoothly and was well planned - the frustration came after the items were picked up and the communication with delivery - it took 10 weeks for my items to be delivered not the 6 - 8 weeks promised. The items never left Australia until 8 weeks from pick up - there was little to no communication once the items arrived and I had to chase after 2 weeks of shipment landing. I chose this company not on cost as they were one of the more expensive but by the quality of their sales staff but unfortunately they were let down by their processes once money and items were in their possession.
1 Jan 2020
Our Moving was easy and relax.

We had about 30 boxes for move from Melbourne,Australia to Paphos,Cyprus.
Everything was organised and also flexible at the same time.
17 Oct 2018
Melbourne AU to Auckland NZ

Sales and customer service was good, operations side lacked communication.
not happy
11 Sep 2018
American part was great / Australian part was terrible

OSS is a very incompetent company. The people on the phones have very little idea about what is going on. They took weeks to clear and deliver my shipment, even though it had arrived and been cleared. Communication was very poor - slow, ill-informed, rude, confusing, conflicting. The company doesn't seem to have good systems in place. They made mistakes and lost information. They lost my goods to be cleaned, forgot to send me paperwork, didn't follow up on requests. The delivery guys were good, but the organisation of the company and the office staff were terrible.
16 Aug 2018
Very good experience overall

Very helpful on the phone and via email. Excellent/careful packing of our stuff. Very good experience overall.
18 May 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

The best were the people that came to the house. They were excellent. We had children at home and they were getting on the way as kids do and they were brilliant playful and patient with them. What we didn't understand is why 1 cubic meter isn't 1000 litres. Our boxes had the litres written on them so we calculated to 1000 litres yet they said that isn't how the warehouse does it....so I hope one day I can understand how 1 cubic meter isn't 1000 litres
Tina Anagnostou
22 Mar 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Very professional amd supportive.
Derek and Sandra WAGNER
7 Mar 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Good service. Furniture and goods were promptly and well packed. Friendly staff. One homemade piece of furniture was damaged and could have been labelled as fragile.
Taunia Brayshaw
1 Mar 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Every time that I communicated with OSS, everything was made simple and clear. OSS were incredibly flexible to my needs, as my health deteriorated before my move date. All of my questions were answered promptly, and with assurance. I honestly couldn’t be happier. When the day finally came for the pick up, the movers were fabulous- respectful, funny, so easy to deal with and took care of everything in my invalid state. Definitely above and beyond any service that I was expecting, and I am not easily pleased!
I can only say thankyou for making this so easy and pleasant at such a hard time.
Shelddon silva
19 Feb 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Pretty happy with my move. All taken cared off well.
Morgan Paul
23 Jan 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

OSS were fair. They contacted us quickly after making an online enquiry. They quoted us a fair price for our move from Melbourne to the UK. When it came to moving day, the date got changed last minute to the next week. However, the removalists did a great job at packing boxes.

Once all our items had gone, we struggled to get hold of OSS to find out a shipping date for our goods. The goods were taken on the 15th August and were not shipped until end of September. I believe this was very poor as we left the country before our goods did. There was very little communication and we were given a ship to track but it was the wrong one.

The company that OSS used for the UK end were awful. We were calling everyday to find out when our stuff was arriving. They would never call back and would never follow up. They delivered the goods but did not take the rubbish away even though that was part of the service we paid for. Overall experience was poor.
Rita Reid
1 Dec 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

The people I dealt with were extremely helpful, they dealt with all my queries cheerfully and were always pleasant. The price was excellent.
Kanny Yim
1 Dec 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

good customer service from quote til the end of the shipment.
Just the packing team not good enough that some of my stuff had damaged.
Jacqueline McCuran
27 Nov 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

OSS are wonderful they have never made me felt uncomfortable about asking questions and have been on the ball all the way. I am experiencing customer service at it's best.

Thank you for connecting me to OSS.

Bharti Odedra
27 Nov 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

The whole process was made easier by oss staff, the quote was reasonable, staff friendly, well informed about the process. The guys who came to collect the boxes brought the address labels which makes it easier than for me to print them out. The freight is to the uk and I am hoping it all gets their safely. I would not hesitate to use them again and have recommended them. Regards bharti odedra
Paul Olney
11 Oct 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Very impressed with every aspect of the move as arranged by OSS!
Julia Bender
21 Jun 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Great and friendly service. I would choose them again. The only reason, why I don't give 5 stars is because, the company I had to deal with in Germany wasn't what I was expecting.
Koko Purdy
8 May 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Highly recommended. Very professional, attention to detail, friendly and caring staff. Definitely use OSS again. We would like to thank all the staff!
Marie-Charlotte de Saint Chamas
6 Apr 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

OSS packed pourly our furnitures and cartons and 80% of our furnitures arrive damaged and completely broken. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Especially since now they are blaming us saying our furnitures were already damaged which is a total lie.
The team is unprofessional and delivers bad quality service.
Pruet Panpruet
13 Jan 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

they are efficient and make the move easy
Peter Kehrli
13 Jan 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Reliable, proactive and on time. Solid Australian staff. My packing took 4h only.
Jay Sherborne
11 Jan 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Lead up and follow through service was good. Was disappointed however to find the washing machine damaged and boxes containing linen dripping wet.
Marion Ann Orr
18 Dec 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

The staff were extrememly helpful through the whols planning process and kept in daily contact with me regarding any development. The quote was highly competitive, which helped with my decision. Packing staff arrived punctually and organised and wrapped items with care and precision. All in all the international shipping experience (my first ) was a lot easier and painless than I had anticipated. I found OSS an efficient and professional company. Without hesitation I would use them again. Thank you to the staff of OSS.
Sasha Jovanovic
7 Nov 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Many moving parts and individuals in this process without a clear understanding of handover from one to the next. The pick up was quick but the delivery took longer than the advised time.
Rochelle Fisher
22 Sep 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

A great professional company with wonderful communication and info from start to finish - the price was as quoted and arrived on time. Packing was spot on. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thanks OSS
lida tajvar
9 Sep 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

tbe Malaysian team were great at unpacking my breakables.
However I did have 4 items that had broken in the move.
Reuben Herries
9 Jul 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Really easy. No fuss
Wendy Morrison
8 Jul 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Went well. Came when they said they would. Delivered when they said they would. Everything arrived in UK intact.
Emmanuel Kaberuka
8 Jul 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

One box was lost and another was damaged. Most expensive items went missing. Recommend you document every item that they pack and which boxes they are packed into. Don't take anything for granted. I was really disappointed by my experience
Celia Schebella
18 Jun 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Great reputation
Andrew Dalton
6 Jun 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

I was extremely happy with my move. Sevice was prompt and staff were helpful. Would definitely recommend
Jeff Rogers
21 Apr 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Uplift of items only took place today (21/4/16). I will write full review after delivery of items in New Zealand
Jill Gamble
15 Apr 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Oss were fantastic to deal with. They were so helpful. They also moved our pets. That was a big worry for us but the company that they used were wonderful & put are mind at rest the whole time our 3 cats were with them.
I would highly recommend OSS.
Andre Faust
12 Mar 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Very easy to deal with.
Stuff got picked up on time and didn't have to do a thing.
Judith Hody
23 Jan 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

We will move with OSS because they were promt and very proffessional. I had a quote from Chess and Allied and I had a guy here from Santa Fe but he never got back with a quote.
Thank you for your help.
Ann Doran
20 Jan 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - VIC

Excellent movers, very professional, experienced, wonderful staff and took the stress away from packing. Extremely efficient and would definitely recommend
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