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Santosh Ninan
20 May 2022
Original quote - $12 000. After they took 3/4 of our stuff (because they sent a truck that was too small) they said that we had not been accurate in how much stuff we had. The quote was now $30 000
The movers were 4 hours late and took forever. They were extremely disrespectful - smoked on our property and left cigarette butts behind.

They packed up as much as they could.
The company called back and said the price was now $30 000. I think this is a tactic they use - hijack your stuff and then charge a crazy ransom.
They sent a second truck the following week after we had left the house. Our neighbours inspected our house and said the movers had left it in a total mess.

About 70% of our goods were damaged and one table was missing.

The staff we worked with on the phone were extremely courteous. But this was simply a horrible experience for me and my family.
Lina Matai
7 Feb 2022
I reached out to transparent and spoke to Paul who was responsible for giving me the estimates and there till they had me, I paid, and then it goes to another department.
There were many warning signs, but since I was a novice I missed them.
He didn't need to do a video call to see the items in order to give me an estimate, in fact Paul said he didn't even need measurements, just wanted me to name the items like dining table, buffet etc.
Now this is where I should have exited, but I thought this meant he was so experienced!!!!
It is impossible to get a near accurate estimate until the moving company has actually seen the items , so they can assess the cubic feet, number of pellets that will be needed etc

Whatever reservations I had, and the pitfalls I had been warned against, did eventually happen, although I discussed them with you, informing you to do whatever was needed to give me as near an accurate estimate and quote as possible.

I trusted them at face value and voiced my fears very explicitly that that I did not want to be in a situation where after the shipment has been picked, and I am helpless, the cubic weight doubles as does the amount I have to pay, regardless of the estimate! Several friends had warned me against this scam.
And that is exactly what happened.

I was very accurate in pictures I emailed, measurements and items I wanted to ship, and can see there may and could be some difference and increase but not double!
This shows poor conduct, and inefficiency on part of Transparent International , and complete lack of experience.
Else it is just a way to prey on human greed and ignorance, knowing that the initial low quote will lure the customer, and once trapped the client has no choice but to pay whatever you ask for.
Poor strategy and I cannot see this paying off long term at all.

Needless to say my estimate of $3280 dollars became $6000 odd dollars after the shipment had been picked up and I was tied in and at their mercy.
There can be some variation of course, but the volume and cost cannot double, it is clearly an unscrupulous and unethical way in which the company functions and lures customers, preying on human greed for the best value.

This is a short version of the torture, please be aware of that.
Once I paid my deposit, there were different people I was coordinating with, and it was not a great experience at all.

The destination agent in India has still not cleared my shipment, despite it arriving on January 2nd 2022, more than a month ago, so it tell you that they are short changing the customer at every step, using substandard companies.

I have no clue what lies ahead, how much more I will have to pay, when I will get my shipment and in what condition it will be!

This has been an awful. traumatising experience, and I would advise no one to go anywhere near Transparent International Movers.
Elisabeth Venezia
28 Dec 2020
hi,just wanted to let everyone know that I have no ...

NO complaints whatsoever .
Everyone involved with my moving procedure from USA to Germany was very accommodating. Like delaying and storing my household items, communication , involving extra work ,phone calls and emails. Thanks so much to everyone AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021.

Lex Pelger
21 Oct 2020
so glad we found Transparent International

I am so relieved that we found Steve at Transparent International. We were contemplating a big move from Boulder, CO to Bordeaux, France - and the fear of a nightmare bad scenario happening to all of our books was very palpable. But out of all of the companies I talked to, Steve was the most friendly, knowledgable and best at putting us at ease.
And then the whole move happened just like he said it would. The moving crew showed up (and they wore masks the whole time) and efficiently took out all our boxes. Plus, they were very kind & professional about helping to safely wrap up our big unwieldy items like a piano, a big mattress and our child's favorite red chair.
And then we got to Bordeaux and waited for the ship to cross the ocean. All I had to do was fill out some pretty easy import forms and they took care of everything with customs.
Then, on the big day when our stuff arrived, they just pulled the van up right below our balcony and handed things straight up to the roof of the van and into the living room. I worked as a mover for a lot of years - but I'd never seen anything quite that efficient. It was two very competent Dutch guys and then a local from Bordeaux. They got the whole job done quick and were nice about having to move ~40 boxes of books.
It took a little longer than expected due to COVID - but whenever I reached out to Steve, I got an answer back the same day.
It was a huge load off our mind to find Transparent International so that's why I'm recommending them to you.
Hannah Philip
15 Oct 2020
Helpful people on the US and UK end, thoroughly easy move!

I did A LOT of research on companies and am really happy with my choice of movers. Really nice sales rep Steve, logistics manager Eli, and Insurance manager Natalie at Transparent International. Took the time to talk through various ideas with me and also explain what quotes from other companies meant in terms of what they did/didn't include. People who came to pick up our stuff in Denver were super efficient and helpful, and then the company Transparent contracts with on the UK end (John Mason) was also without fault - communication was timely and we knew exactly what to expect and when.
Stephen Klohr
9 Sep 2020
Hands down the best international shipper out there!!!!

Just do yourself a favor. If you need to ship internationally don't look anywhere else but Transparent International. Highly professional team. Communication best of the best. Price considering I called them only having about 7 days to clear out a recently sold house and get back overseas was very good. The expectations and deliverables were spot on. Slight delay in getting the container on the boat but that was my company's fault for not paying the quote quickly. Goods arrived in home country damage free and pristine. Steve Howard my agent was amazing and knows his stuff. Not sure why some people rated this company 1 star but from my perspective it's unwarranted. If you do exactly what they instruct you to do and read your contract you can't go wrong.
Anthony Gentle
8 Sep 2020
Door to door from Phoenix Arizona to London England

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the service we received! 41 boxes door to door from Phoenix Arizona to London England! As delays occurred to due the Covid pandemic, they were always very responsive to any and all questions we had regarding the status of our shipment, always replying within 24 hours. Our initial contact was also super helpful in what we needed to do to make sure everything made it through customs properly, and helpful with all the other things that needed to be processed. I must of sent 20 emails during the whole process, along with a few calls, and they never once treated me like a burden or a pain! Amazing!
Nick Kuskin
10 Aug 2020
Totally successful, top professional support at every step.

I never give time to write reviews on the internet but, Jamie as my shipping agent and main contact at Transparent was superb. Communication and understanding is of course paramount with logistical projects like moving one's furniture overseas. That's what I had to achieve, on my own dime. He kept me completely informed, provided options when they were needed, and when hiccups happened through no one's fault but timing, he proved solutions. Thank you, Jamie.
Love Newkirk
31 Jul 2020
The move was very smooth for me. Indiana drop not!

I was in very close contact witr. Ely who was diligent in contacting and informing me along the way. As stated, it's super unfortunate that the Indiana shipping was forgotten. Otherwise, excellent!
David Barker
28 Jun 2020
Relatively simple

Transparent had good communication for my shipping from LA USA - UK. Overall a good experience, with many of my emails answered and timely communication.
Nicole Stewart
30 May 2020
Efficient and positive relocation

Fantastic work by Transparent International on my move to Europe. All my furniture and belongings were picked up and delivered efficiently and to my satisfaction. Top notch customer service. Highly recommend!
Adrien Blaikie
26 Feb 2020
Terrible - SEVEN MONTHS to get from California to AUS

Terrible - SEVEN MONTHS to get a couch, TV, bed, large framed family photos and some misc items from California to Adelaide Australia. At the recxeiving end there was no unpacking and trash removal, as included in the contract, and a smashed TV and many items covered in dirt/dust etc

During the process my phone calls were dodged, no call back to voicemails and generally crappy service.
Rob P
15 Feb 2020
Great Service

I had to relocate fairly suddenly to London, so I didn’t have much time to shop around. I went with Transparent after getting only a couple of quotes, deciding ultimately based on price and how knowledgeable/thorough the sales rep I spoke to seemed. I have to say I’m very impressed. The price was reasonable compared to the other 3 quotes I received. Very competitive. And despite my wariness, there weren’t any surprise charges at the end. My only previous moves have been pretty local, so my knowledge of the process was limited to say the least, but Steve Howard, my relocation specialist, was extremely thorough in providing information and answering my many questions. He guided me throughout the entire process, following up with me and ensuring I had taken care of necessary documentation on my end. I’d imagine a lot can go wrong with an international move, but there were no problems. Even some awkwardly shaped items I was a little worried about were wrapped and shipped securely, arriving in the UK within the estimated time frame.

Very happy with my experience
Kathleen Andreae
25 Jan 2020
I decided not to move things this year.

I decided not to move things this year. But Transparent was a great company. Gave me all the information I needed and even called me internationally to find out how things were going...
Christopher Monaghan
18 Jan 2020
Successful shipment

I needed to ship some production equipment to Barcelona for a project. As you can imagine, it was all very valuable and fragile. I was very pleased when I learned that everything arrived in one piece and fully functional. I used the air freight option and my partner in Spain received the shipment in just over a week, well within the estimated delivery date I had been provided. Happy with the price and process. No complaints.
Stephanie Chan
23 Oct 2019
amazing service and great communication.

i had spent so much time trying to find a well-reviewed company for my move from Boston to London. This was the ONLY company that did not have a single bad review. I am absolutely impressed by the entire process - the US team, the US pickup, the communication throughout, the UK dropoff, and UK storage. They were very transparent about cost and dates. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Tzila S.
29 Apr 2019
A air move to Florida

Transparency International moved me from France to Florida. I sent my boxes and a few pieces of furniture by air so they would get to me faster. My price went up after my stuff was picked up. I was expecting an increase number so it wasn't bad but the price of the move itself was on the hi side. The good part is I got all my things with no damage and fast. I will use again when I move back to Europe.
25 Mar 2019
Normal move - went good

My move went good and how you'd expect a good move to go.
Antonio Martine
14 Mar 2019

Last minute shipment went super well
I made contact and was picked up and shipped out within 48 hours of my first call with the guys at transparent
So far everything's been amazing
20 Dec 2018
It all went well

I moved some items from the US to London. I dont have any complaints with the way things transpired. My items were picked up when they were supposed to. They were loaded onto a boat 2 weeks later and I received them approximately 6 weeks after that. Overall good experience and I fortunately do not have anything to complain about thankfully. Thanks to everyone at transparent for making this a smooth move for me.
26 Oct 2018
Move OF 2 bed apartment from Tampa FL to the UK

Where to begin! This was not great from the start. They emailed me the UK HMRC TOR (Transfer of Residence) form which allows me to ship my residential belongings without paying import tax, I missed the link in the email because there was a lot of other information in the same email, and for 2 months even when they didn't get this important information required for shipment into the UK, they never chased it up. I eventually found out I needed the form myself by going on the UK government website (due to frustration from lack of communication) and searching for what the import requirements are. I asked Transparent Intl, only to be told by Transparent intl, they had sent me the form early on, which is fair, but why they did not chase it up when the information wasn't sent is beyond me! Then the company messed up my moving date, they called me on the afternoon of the supposed day they thought I was moving to tell me they won't be able to make it, I had to inform them that it was the next day they were supposed to move me, they apologized in a phew manner and said they'd arrive before midday the following day. They came late on the actual date of the move and I missed my apartment checkout time, which cost me $100s of dollars in extra fees. My pick up date was 08/23/2018, today as I am writing this review is the 11/26/2018 and I still haven't received my things (yes you read that right, 3 months and counting). Apparently, my things finally left the port of Miami on 11/22/2018, that's 3 months after pick up, so here's hoping it all arrives in good shape.
Communication has been very poor, I had to chase up for every single update I got, I felt ignored most of the time, more recently I have had better responses, but that was only after I informed them I was disappointed in them and would never recommend their service to anyone else. I only emailed them on average once every couple of weeks so I wasn't badgering them, but it seemed it was too much to ask for regular updates.
Price: I was quoted an original price around $4500 based on a detailed inventory list, this then went up by approximately $1000 more when they got my thing and checked the volume at port. I know my shipment volume certainly didn't increase by 20%, I didn't argue but paid. I also had to pay very quickly because they said they would not ship my things from the USA unless the outstanding $1000 was paid first, this was after getting $4500 in hand already. As it turned out they didn't ship my things for another 2 months and 3 weeks after that final payment. My things are now on route (I hope its true) and they have implied that I am now in the hands of the destination agents, no name given, no timescales given, nothing, just a shove off to the next company approach. My only hope is that I get my things before Xmas and I am not asked to pay some other hidden previously undisclosed fee.
They are a new company and I wanted to give them a chance, also they had so many glowing reviews. I don't understand how, because my experience has been so poor, in hindsight I should have gone to a more established firm. Will I recommend these folks, the answer is a resounding NO! Has my experience been positive NO! Do they keep to what they say they will do on communications, pricing and shipment times, READ MY REVIEW!
Rex WorkmanFor Shelley Bassett
12 Jun 2018
Transparent International

Great response to questions. Quote was different than I ask for seamed in to big hurry to get it right. All worked out shipment on water to Australia now ETA 6/30/18. Would use again with a much clearer quote.
Kathleen Scott Goldingay
16 Apr 2018
Transparent International

I was in a tight spot! We needed to move 26 boxes out of my house in California by a certain date but the couldn't arrive at my new flat in the UK before a certain date. Transparent International took care of everything for us. It was totally smooth with no problems. They communicated what needed to happen and helped us with Customs. I am very happy. We needed two pallets for airfreight so it cost a little more than I hoped but was worth it.
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