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13 Aug 2022
Do not use this company!
We used them to transport our belongings from Florida to the UK. Firstly, items were not packed properly resulting in a number of breakages. In fact, china mugs etc were just left to rattle around in a plastic container with no packaging at all, while a large china serving plate was just pushed down the side of one box, no packaging.

The list of items that they filled in was illegible so it was impossible to check the number of boxes when they arrived. One box did not arrive at all resulting in the loss of items that meant a lot to our family. The person I spoke to at the company did not seem to be worried about this at all, in fact was very dismissive.

The identification stickers on the boxes were ridiculously small, about an inch square, with no customer name.

We paid for insurance but were told this was invalid as we did not claim within two weeks. My personal circumstances meant that I could not empty and check all those boxes within that time. Very disappointed!
Rebecca Foon
28 Jan 2021

These were the awesome folks who moved me out of Brooklyn NY USA and to Montreal Quebec Canada in the middle of a pandemic!
I am so grateful!
Adam Muri-Rosenthal
3 Jan 2021
Terrible Experience—Strongly Discourage.

The ONLY positive thing I can say about International Movers Network is that they are CHEAP—but you get what you pay for.

I had numerous conversations with IMN prior to my move indicating that I intended to move a valuable painting which was a precious family heirloom. They offered to move it for me in a custom-built crate for an extra $300. I agreed and provided precise measurements. On moving day, they showed up WITHOUT the crate, and when I called their manager he insisted that it would be built in the warehouse which he said was “how they always do it.” Put on the spot like that, at the last minute, days before my departure, I did not know what else to do but agree.

Months later when my shipment arrived and I removed the painting from the crate, there was a LARGE PUNCTURE through the center of the painting that only could have occurred prior to it being put inside the crate. I immediately called IMN and they were “very sorry” but offered to do absolutely nothing about it, insisting that I speak with the insurer. It was at this point, to my distress, that I realized that I had never seen a copy of the policy I had purchased. I demanded that they send me a copy, which they did, and it was ONLY THEN that I read that the policy DID NOT COVER FINE ART! Now, I fully realize that I should have requested to read the policy before purchasing it, but at the time, exhausted and overwhelmed with the details of moving myself and my family abroad, I had trusted IMN to convey the necessary information. They did not.

I followed up with numerous emails to them to complain about the lack of information and transparency, hoping that they would at least attempt to make it right by offering to refund some portion of what I paid them. Instead, each time they responded by INVALIDATING and CONTRADICTING each and every thing I had to say (just as they appear to do in response to negative reviews). In fact, IMN repeatedly insinuated that it was MY fault for purchasing the wrong insurance, which they claimed to have explained in detail to me. They did not (in fact, when questioned, the agent who “explained” it to me was unable to articulate the basic differences between the two policies they sell). Given we had had NUMEROUS conversations about the painting—which was (WAS!) far and away my most valuable possession—you would think that they would have had the good sense and decency to recommend a policy that would cover damage to paintings! They did not.

When you are in the middle of a stressful move, particularly an international move, your time and energy are spread extremely thin. You need a moving company that you can trust not only to protect your valued belongings, but also to care about YOU, take the time to understand your needs, and go the extra mile to meet them. It’s worth paying a little extra for the privilege.

Ultimately, the money I saved by going with IMN has cost me dearly. I regret each and every day my choice to hire them.
Caroline Gestoso
1 Nov 2020

1 Apr 2020
Stress free, professional moving experience.

They were very professional, Vanity the sales associate was super patient and helpful, John the owner was quick to respond and very clear in communication. They arrived on time to move our stuff and were extremely professional. We were really impressed with how they packed our furniture. They delivered our stuff too very professionally. The only not so positive feedback I have is that our dining table had some damage which I believe may have happened during packing process, cause the way it was packed it could not have been damaged during transportation. However every other single item came without a single damage, so overall excellent job.
21 Mar 2020
As describe it on website.

Just as was described on website. Straightforward.
Linda Vrooman
11 Mar 2020
Clear and timely communication with the all aspects.

Our first encounter with IMN involved the estimator Jonathan who used WhatsApp video to have eyes on the items that we were going to ship, allowing him to give us an accurate price. We had a small shipment that was professionally packed into boxes by the movers as they documented each box, noting electronics model/serial numbers. Our shipment was headed for Puerto Morelos, Mexico and we needed to have as precise a list as possible. The estimate that we were given was the price we paid and there were no additional charges. Evelyn was in regular contact with me for paperwork that was required as I processed my visa with the Immigration office in MX. Many heartfelt Thanks to Evelyn!
IMN used an additional company RE-MOVE to process our household goods across customs. Dulce was very responsive to my concerns and I felt confident at all times that our belongings were in good hands. The estimate I got for delivery to my home was within 2 days of the actual arrival date which was communicated to me 10 days ahead of delivery. My household goods were in transit or holding for 105 days. When our boxes were delivered there was no evidence of shipping/storage abuse. The boxes were as pristine as the day they left my US residence. The movers were courteous, professional and extremely hardworking. My advice for anyone considering an international move: do your homework and find out what will be required. These were two quality companies!
15 Jan 2020
It got here.

It arrived. All glass panes in a display cabinet were broken, probably within minutes of leaving judging from the way it was packed. The volume was limited more by the space available when the truck finally arrived rather than how much I paid for. And the accuracy of when they would arrive for pickup was sketchy (two days off). But the stuff arrived otherwise in reasonable order. Seemed to be some difficulty in communicating, but we got there in the end.
2 Oct 2019
Worked out but need to improve communication

Things were moved but the process was unpleasant.
I had two points of contact. One was nice and clear.
The other person was confusing, didn't seem willing to explain the detail of costs. The person got impatient and quite rude when asked to clarify.
Although in the end the additional costs added after the shipment had left seemed to be relatively justified, the process was confusing with what felt like surprise unexplained charges along the way. There were a lot of frustrating discussions and unnecessary stress to understand what the charges were.
Therefore, I would not recommend IMN.
A. Smith
13 Feb 2019
Multiple damaged goods, poor packing overall.

Multiple items broken/damaged in our international sea shipment.

While the pre-sales person was professional and detail-oriented, the rest of the experience was a disappointment. Our goods were not appropriately packed for an international move.

One of the legs to our handmade chest arrived broken off. The chest was an item we specifically reviewed with the moving team as requiring special care and crating before selecting them as our vendor. The chest arrived only wrapped in soft cardboard, and no additional crating nor packaging was provided.

Two stained glass lampshades cracked- one, a table lamp was only placed with sheets of wrapping paper in a box (the lampshade was neither removed nor protected with extra cardboard). The other, a floor lampshade, while removed from the base, similarly lacked sufficient protective materials and also arrived broken.
Dishes were not individually wrapped and arrived cracked, several breakable kitchen items were placed unwrapped in packing boxes.

I have moved both domestically and internationally, this was the most poorly packed move I have experienced.
barry goodall
17 Dec 2018
first time I have done this, better than expected.

I was very nervous about this move,but the pick up was trouble free, and the drop off even better.
The lads were really helpful, especially the lads from Direct transport, very impressed.
Sam Jordan
6 Nov 2018
Frustrating but with some good points

Initially good and responsive during the quotation phase but far less helpful once the deposit had been paid. Packers on the day were great but it took nearly 2 months for the shipment to even leave the country of origin and updates about the slow timing weren't forthcoming - something I had to constantly chase up. The agents in the destination country were fine/good and the guys that delivered the shipment to our house were excellent. Everything arrived with only very minimal breakages, everything else was in great condition. However, the communication and the time it took (over 3 months for New York to London) was very frustrating. That said the quote was definitely not the most expensive one we had (or the cheapest) but I think better service and speed are things you pay a premium for. I'd use IMN again but only if I wasn't in a hurry.
13 Oct 2018
Long process with one broken item but good customer service

Took 2 months to arrive and one item of furniture, an antique had a leg broken off. Furthermore the promise of reassembly of furniture was not fufilled, indeed the men who delivered the furniture said people ask them the same question all the time. Communication from the company was good
Barrington White
6 Mar 2018
International Movers Network Inc.

Door to Door service what does that mean. If you sign a contract with a delivery company for door to door would think you would have a pay another freight company to transfer you own property to another port.

I am ignorant of the shipping process with hired International movers to move our property to the Philippines.
Im thinking they would least educate us on the process. We paid over 4,000 for this service. Im thinking the remaining would be taxes and duties. Another $8000 final bill about $12,000. For products that are worth about $6000 but have sentimental value. There reply was we had the oppurtunity to ask any questions we wanted. I would never recommend or hire these guys again. Government should step in and shut these scammers down.
Michael Bank
6 Jan 2018
International Movers Network Inc.

Abosultely terrible

Worst experience
Glenys Partridge
5 Jan 2018
International Movers Network Inc.

Very nice company. Staff always friendly and ready to answer any questions I had. Sliight glitch in the pick up of my boxes but quickly resolved by IMN and they were picked up next day.
Kim Gelvin-Wilks
7 Dec 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

I will start by saying they did not fulfill my needs. I had a few items the movers could not get on the container but he said over and over he would get everything to fit. The man yelled at me when i told him not to put the wash and dryer on until the last in case they did not fit . He insisted they would and I insisted he wait. Well he waited and they DID NOT FIT along with a head board I have had since i was 16 my 700 hybrid bike, a cat carrier, a desk, and a chair i had in storage for 15 years and was excited to get back. In order to take all i would have had to hire a larger or second container. The other three movers did not speak a word of English so it made the day very difficult to communicate with them. Then he asked me where his pay was at the end of the day saying I could send a separate check to him via the moving company. The people in the office sent rude notes with bold wording in red or yellow when I was dealing with them over documents. I do not recommend them at all
Colleen Hylson-Smith
27 Oct 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

We have worked with multiple shipping companies over the past few years, and this was by far our best experience yet. Sasha, our salesperson, was professional, courteous and very knowledgable. She helped determine how large our move was and turned out to be spot on! Our packers were amazing as well. They met me at our storage unit in NJ and even cleaned up our storage unit once it was emptied. They were polite and worked very hard to do things the right way, This is the first shipment where we did not have one broken item. I am beyond pleased with the short amount of time it took to move our goods from NJ to UK. Nikki, here in the UK was also amazing and helped us through the customs and VAT payment process. She also arranged our delivery. The men who delivered our container and helped unload our goods were also very polite and did a great job unpacking and moving items to the appropriate locations in our home. I would not hesitate to use this moving company in the future.
Lisa Lambright
22 Oct 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

They were incredible!!!!! I didn't know how great they actually were until I finished unpacking all of my things. Some people have very expensive items to move. I have things that are worth so much to me but aren't worth much money. When I finished unpacking all of my things and didn't have anything broken, I realized that they took the same amount of care with my things as they would have if they had been worth a lot of money. That means the world to me and it should mean something to you if you are thinking about an international move. There are so many more things to worry don't have to make your movers one of those things. I would chose them again in a heartbeat!!!! Thank you so much INTERNATIONAL MOVERS NETWORK !!!!!!
Michael Bank
21 Oct 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

An absolutely terrible company to work with.
Jay Pandya
4 Oct 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

Everything was great except for delivery time. I personally think it took a week longer for my stuff to arrive, but i was kept posted about it. Overall the services was great
Kenneth Emberton
27 Jun 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

The half star was because that's the lowest I could give. The service from start to finish was a complete shambles. Turned up a day late. Informed me that my shipment had not got on the ship because it was overloaded, was delivered to wrong address in U.K. Wrong town ,wrong county, over 100 miles away. Told me it was then moved to government bonded warehouse, it was moved to an everyday moving company storage facility. Delivery took over thirteen weeks. Crew who finally delivered items were great
Do not use this company, pathetic service across the board.
Georgia sgardeli
16 May 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

We had a terrible experience with this company. I would not want anyone else to go through the same ordeal. We were moving from Manhattan to Central London and we received our things 10 weeks later(!).

Our things left NYC Jan 30th and arrived at our London home April 6. The original estimate was 5-7 weeks. When confronted with this the owner was being patronizing and flat out lying that 5-7weeks are from the time the ship leaves and not door-to-door. I had to forward him his old email where he clearly stated 5-7 weeks door-to-door estimate because he was trying to change the facts and yell at me.

We would be understanding if there was an issue with the ship. But the ship arrived on February 24th and our things cleared customs March 10th. The company they work with in London were being extremely unhelpful and when we contacted Intl Movers about it they started lying, insulting and intimidating us. The movers lost a bed leg so we didn't have a bed! Also "light reassembly" was a l
Emilia Pastor
23 Apr 2017
International Movers Network Inc.

They provide a good price, are very responsive, keep you posted along the way and provide excellent customer service. Very quick delivery too!
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