, 12th Floor, Unit F1, Room D, Hang Fung Industrial Building, Phase 1, No. 2G Hok Yuen Street,,
Hong Kong
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Based on 22 reviews
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Sheree Lui
4 Aug 2023
Is a very professional team, this is my second time to use their service, my favourite glass cabin can very safety to arrive my new home, thank you so much.
MJ Jennings
30 Jun 2022
Hong Kong to Sydney ( locally stored for 1 year)… brilliant service from quote to packing, (fast, clean, totally reliable) Jon Boag… Admin and payments by Sainia was very efficient and professional.
Auz delivery (1 year later when I was ready)…. Great partnering too…
SwiftRelo made the whole process easy and exceptional. No stress… no tears- lots of smiles.
23 Mar 2021
This company shall be black listed

Not following the contract at all, they will start making excuses for additional charges once they have collected the goods, if you are not falling, they will impose storage charge.
Thomas Lam
11 Nov 2020
Excellent services

I have used their services for moving from Hong Kong to UK. The professional services including the preliminary consultation, packing, shipment tracking and delivery are amazing. The movers are polite and careful. All my belongings were delivered safely without any damage, I would definitely recommend to my friend.
Erica Choy
27 Sep 2020
Great service!

Compared with other rather famous moving companies in HK, Swiftrelo is much cheaper. However, their service is great, especially the follow up of Saini and porters from HK team. All my stuffs are well received within 2 months as expected even under the Covid-19. Thank you very much !
YC Cheng
10 Sep 2020
Efficient service and good post delivery partner

I used the company for removal from Hong Kong to the UK. The relocation planning and packing had been smoothly carried out in an efficient way. Besides, the post delivery partner in the UK gave me a good helping hand in storing my shipment for several months as I had difficulty in finding a suitable house in view of my new arrival status as well as the influence of COVID-19.
Robert Thompson
6 Feb 2020
Everything went well thanks to all involved.

All we're very efficient and polite, both collection and delivery staff.
Celia Chan
27 Dec 2019
SwiftRelo is friendly and reliable.

We were relocating from Hong Kong to Singapore. They provide professional services and make our transit relatively hassle-free.
22 Nov 2019
Hidden costs no transparency

Hidden costs after shipment arrived. 20% more than quoted. Never communicated these charges and I will be passing this on to Hong Kong Consumer Council.
Avoid SwiftRelo.
Charles Porter
10 Sep 2019
Multiple items damage and inadequate insurance provided.

The movers themselves were pleasant, but they damaged multiple items through lack of care. The total damage was over $1000 USD, and the insurance provided only offered $200 as compensation. They stopped responded to my e-mails as soon as they fobbed me off to the insurance company. Don't use them unless you have no valuables being shipped or a hefty insurance premium to cover the items they damage.
Trevor Harris
14 Aug 2019

THIS IS THE TRUEST EXAMPLE OF A COWBOY OUTFIT, AVOID AT ALL COST. they are unpleasant vile, lying cheats. for all those leaving HK at present find and alternative. They under quote then recharge increasing the cost considerably. They do't care about how they pack, damaging may of my possessions they have no customer service. They turned up late for every meeting including packing, they never respond to queries unless they chase money!!! For a life changing move this company has made my life a nightmare and cost me an additional 50% of the move replacing items they damaged.

28 Mar 2019
Hong Kong to Auckland

I had a very bad experience with Swiftrelo. What they called all inclusive price is cheating!!

Not the mention that the time for delivery is extremely long (the container sit in the Hong Kong port for one month), I made full payment to Swiftrelo right after my stuff was packed. At the time we were finally contacted for delivery, they just don't settle the transaction fee with its local agent and telling me that it was excluded. I refer to the exclusion clause which clearly stated only unexpected or special custom and quarantine treatment would make additional charge. My stuff was neither under special quarantine treatment or unexpected chraged but Swiftrelo just deny the charge and delay my delivery.

Poor experience with Swiftrelo!!
prem chand
23 Nov 2018
From hkg to sydney

Worst move. No concept of customer service
prem chand
24 Oct 2018
worst experience. No regard for customer service. all about

I have had 15 moves to date and this was the worst experience.
Tracy Williams
4 Oct 2017

Highly responsive, offering a good price and a very personal service. The packing team were courteous, efficient and thorough.
2 Aug 2017

This company looked very promising. We had great communication to start and they worked with everything I asked for. I loved that I was able to pack it all myself. They picked up my shipment and then it sat in Hong Kong, for two months! I still do not have my belongings, I've been home a month and my belongings still have not left. No idea when they will arrive and no idea when they will leave. The only answer I can get is that I'll receive a tracking number when it does leave. I knew it could take up to three months to receive my shipment, but two months sitting in port is rediculous.
sylvain brault
27 Jul 2017

Lots of hidden cost in the price. Delay to deliver is much more than other compagny. They take your money and no more service.
I do not recommend.
26 Feb 2017

So far, I cannot fault the service and efficiency of SwiftRelo. Everything went very well. However, I would like to see what happens at this end (Sydney) before I make a final judgement.
30 Aug 2016

SwiftRelo were brilliant from the Hong Kong end. Very efficient, very helpful. The packing went smoothly.My disappointment was waiting for the shipment and not being told what was happening. I had to email after 8 weeks to find out what was going on. I was told the shipment had arrived and they would let us know what was happening. It took 2 weeks more to finally organise our delivery. We were initially told 6 to 8 weeks, it took 10. This was disappointing as we had heard nothing for 8 weeks and this didn't get going unless I pursued matters. We are taking delivery tomorrow.
11 Jul 2016

Everything wel; done. Hope the rest will be the same!
Tim chalk
3 May 2016

All good thanks. Will see how it arrives
Shirley Lee
7 Mar 2016

I am satisfied with my move. The staff of Swiftrelo followed closely throughout and answered my queries promptly. Service is professional and price is reasonable. I am just waiting for the arrival of my stuff in my new home!
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