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Based on 32 reviews
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Customer satisfaction
Damage free
22 Jul 2022
Very disappointing experience with this company up to now. Our boxes were picked up in April and were supposed to arrive before or around the same time we arrived at our destination (Beginning of July) and we still have not received them yet. The first quote was a reasonable price but they kept on adding more fees to it and as another customer review said, "the assumption that we would just pay whatever they asked was rude and disrespectful". Communication is poor and I will not be using this company again.
21 Dec 2020
Really easy!

Made a last minute decision to return to NZ due to covid and OSS made the move so easy! Picked everything up from my storage unit and got it to me as fast as they could!
Great communication and really easy and helpful! Definitely recommend!
Sarah Amos
15 Aug 2020
Stress free and easy

As a young couple moving internationally and never having to ever pack a container the team as OSS Queensland made it a breeze! We were not stressed worrying about anything as everything was explained thoroughly and we were able to contact the team with any concerns or queries. Coming to packing day the packers were AWESOME! Super friendly, hard working and packed everything superbly! Would highly recommend using OSS for any of your moves whether it’s interstate or internationally
Anthony Hammond
22 Jul 2020

Excellent, start to finish.
Leonie Gough
14 May 2020
Good at origin, poor at destination

OSS moved our belongings (contents of 2 bed flat) in a shared container service from Brisbane to the UK. They packed for us and their packers were absolutely brilliant. Communication whilst in Brisbane was fantastic, they kept us updated, let us know the route and tracking. However, once it was on the ship, we felt they washed their hands of us. The company they outsourced to in the UK (Global Moving Services) was absolutely appalling. Our belongings arrived in UK at start of Jan, cleared customs the next day, but were not delivered until 7 weeks later. We had not paid for, and did not want, storage and they did not tell us why they weren’t delivering. The company never answered a single phone call from me. The only once answered a call from my husband, when he hid his number. They gave us half a day notice of delivery day, did not turn up in specified two hour window, when my husband got through to the company they couldn’t tell us where our belongings were, turns out they went to the WRONG HOUSE in the wrong town and had to be redirected, got to us 2 hours late and the. refused to unwrap and unpack even though that’s the service we had paid for. We will never use OSS again purely because of the terrible service in the UK from their contractor. We will use a company that handles everything themselves all the way through. We chose them because of their good price and regretted it.
Rose Archer
5 Feb 2020

Very disappointing experience with this company. We have waited 4 going on 5 months now for our boxes, and we still have not received them yet. There were hidden fees at the docking port, the communication on the fees was terrible and uninformed, and the assumption that we would just pay whatever they asked was rude and disrespectful. They did not inform or organise with us any delivery schedule date, we received an email 2 hrs before delivery that the boxes would arrive. We of course were not home, and so a storage fee was attempted to be charged a week later. The address however was wrong and so even if we were home we would not have received our boxes. They have got the address wrong twice, and thus still waiting for our delivery. The care in getting our boxes to us is minimal, and there is no understanding or concern for how long we have been waiting. The communication is poor, short, and non-committal. I will not be moving with this company again.
Ben Plummer
7 Oct 2019
Personal Effects

Moving personal effects from Oz to NZ. The people at OSS could not have been more helpful or efficient. Would definitely recommend.
26 Jul 2018
I did not feel like a valued individual

Our sales rep was great, did a quote and got the sale. Didn't hear from him after that. Our export co-ordinator was ok, kept the emails flowing to ensure all documents were collected Import co-ordination was off. Instead of going back to the export co-ordinator to get the documents she claimed to be missing she sent me a big list of them, so she had me mucking around all my emails for no reason. At time of export I booked a service that provided a door to door service. The export co-ordinator gathered all the necessary documentation from me and said that was all that was required. As soon as the shipment gets to import stage they need more ppw.. perhaps they could work together better! I am a very customer driven person and moving counties with all your belongings is quite a big thing. Although the job was done with no major hickups, I did not feel like a valued individual throughout this whole process and had to ask numerous uestions to get information to help me out.
21 Mar 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

OSS were amazing from start to finish, our packers did an excellent Job they were, courteous, thoughtful and very professional, not one item of our 5 bedroom household was damaged all accounted for and in great order, thanks to our amazing packers. Would definitely recommend thank you very much..
Christopher Curtis
18 Mar 2018
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

The move was mixed. The packers were very good, care full, polite and competent. The management are support staff appear to be incompetent! Sent wrong size container to my house, had to pack/unpack/repack. Promised delivery on a specific date. Container was forgotten about in Vancouver. Promise to support clearing customs, I ended up doing it my self as the agent was no where to be seen. Couldn't believe the inability or zero care factor relating to actually setting a date for delivery of the container to my house. After the container arrived, no issues with packers again. Change management and your business could be great.
Joao Miguel Augusto Silva Honorato
29 Dec 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Thank you
Darrin Rogers
16 Dec 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

On time, on the job and really pleasant guys to have around. good communication and back up from office team. always felt like we were in good hands.
Rob Grant
1 Oct 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

I would be happy to recommend this company. Very helpful with all the information. The guys who came out to pack up the gear were first class.
100% all round. so far looking good and looking forward to the move to the USA.
Donna Keenan
31 May 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

I found the company to be very professional and the three guys they sent to pack my belongings were friendly well presented and did an excellent job. Just have to see if it arrives in NZ all intact :)
Nikola Slavov
29 Apr 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

In Brisbane everything was perfect. On other side of Tasman I've got minor damage on a few things but over all was OK to move with this company...
19 Apr 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

OSS were great, everything was clearly explained, no hidden costs, and the guys who packed our stuff up did an amazing job. Highly recommend!
stefan koepnick
6 Apr 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

It was just great without any problem
Dianna Cecil
17 Mar 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

OSS were pretty good. however, shipment took 2 months to arrive in nz and had very little communication from the company in nz.
Nat Woodward
18 Jan 2017
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

The team from OSS were very professional and helpful, keeping me updated on what I needed to do and what they would be doing for me. Nothing was too much trouble. The uplift crew were great, securing and removing my goods in a timely fashion. I recommend these guys and will definitely use them if I relocate again. Cheers OSS team.
Erika Turkstra
29 Dec 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Professional service.
Rozzi Klomp
16 Nov 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Great communication and outstanding customer service. We originally chose another shipping company who fell through on the day we had scheduled our move. OSS went the extra mile to arrange packing and collection within a week.
Highly recommended!
Therese sampey
19 Oct 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Excellent customer service of the quoting and office staff
And especially the packing and removal of our furniture was handled in the most amazing and friendly way
We are extremely greatful
Roy Briscoe
10 Oct 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

I was contacted by a number of Company's but moved with Craig Perryman from GFS who was contacted by OSS who gave him my details.
His price was way lower than any of the other quotes received and was also door to door( using TNT both in Australia and Bali
I would give GFS a 10 out of 10 for their professionalism and my goods were delivered the same day that I landed in Bali
xueqin lu
2 Oct 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

We do not feel OSS is a good company. Sale reps said they would give us money back if our stuff has not reached the capacity. However they did not it . Another is worst for us. We has been asking how to pick up car in the London and any cost behind. They said there is no cost, in reality we have to pay 2000 pounds around and wait for three months more time when car is shipped in London port. We really feel bad at this time. The totally cost is over we expected. I wish the company really need to be kind to people, do not make lie or trap people. We still have not got household coming, so we still do not know OSS company service and any bad behind. We started to feel scare with this company . If the relocate can do anything to improve moral standard, please do it.
Fahim Ahmed
9 Jul 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

OSS picked up my items in start of April 2016 for shipping to New York. Due to my job, I had to move to California and requested if the items can be delivered to California which they accepted for an extra $500. I paid the extra fee and it's been over 4 months and I have not received my items. I have made multiple international calls to Brisbane office and everytime they reply that they will update me via email or phone call, but I don't get reply from them. It was the worst experience ever and I'm not sure if I would ever receive my items or not.
Wendy tomkinson
9 Jul 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Excellent service from start to finish, communication second to none. Could not fault anything. No hidden extra costs, Belongings arrived and were delivered on time. Again excellent service and great communication. Have to say that I was extremely impressed and everything arrived intact and in working order with no breakages or damages. I would definitely recommend OSS worldwide movers. My move was from Brisbane to Auckland, if I was to move internationally again this is the company I would use.
Vicki Louise Roland
8 Jul 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Due to unprofessional packing, my leadlight lamps were badly damaged. The packer had just ignored the notes telling him how to pack the lamps properly and used a quilt, my clothes and a pillow instead of fill. They also packed the heavy metal base in the same carton!
Made by myself I had underestimated the value and they are very difficult and costly to repair.
The response by management was good and I was paid for damage and it was dealt with quickly but I was very disappointed by the lack of care by the packer.
garry rodgers
13 May 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Had some damage and marks on my car
noleen emily crouch
10 Apr 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

The two Maori boys who came to pack were quick and efficient but did not help me with what amount I could take. For instance one of them said I could take 1 square cubic metre and I think he could have said whether I could have sent a bit more. At 81 yrs old I did not know how much that worked out at.One man was was polite but the 2nd only spoke to ask could he use the toilet. No hello or goodbye from him. They both worked together very well and were not offensive in any way. Thankyou.
12 Jan 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Both guys were amazing who packed everything this morning. They were super friendly and efficient. Everyone in the whole team from the person who first gave us our quotes, to Mary our co-ordinator to the movers, have made the whole moving experience much less stressful, which i greatly appreciate!
Ian Rex
7 Jan 2016
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

Fair price efficient and helpful
Annabel Farrell
9 Dec 2015
OSS Worldwide Movers - QLD

The movers were very speedy and professional, and pleasant to deal with. The paperwork, while tiresome, was not too difficult and the manager helped us through it. However, our address in N Ireland is still (slightly) wrong in spite of two emails requesting a correction.
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