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Karin Gabriel
16 Nov 2020
Everything went extremely smoothely - UAE to Europe

I moved from Dubai to Europe with about 4qm of items (seafreight). Everything went extremely smoothely, and apart from 1 vase all items arrived in one piece & on time.

The coordination was handled by ISS Relocatinos in Dubai, & once it reached the port in Rotterdam Schmidt Global Relocations took over and delivered my boxes at the new address.

From the person who sent me the initital offer to the person carefully packing my items in Dubai to the two friendly guys from the Netherlands who delivered my boxes on time and in a friendly manner this morning, everyone was very professional and friendly.

I can highly recommend them.
Obaid Mustafa
3 Nov 2020
Relocation from Ruwais (UAE) to Karachi (Pakistan)

With great disappointment and anger, I would like to bring the following into your notice.

Although all 151 packages were delivered at destination however when opened, I have found out that many of my personal effects are missing from the packages. The list is not complete, as presently, I am going through the stuff however just for your information that I was unable to locate the following stuff:

1. Nintendo switch ( new)
2. Artificial jewelry ( used and new)
3. Ladies hand bag 4 (2 new and 2 used)
4. Cosmetic (new and used)

I am not sure how much stuff is missing as I am still accounting. I will definitely update once all packages are opened and checked.

I did inform your representative in karachi about this loss. UTM, response was that their person was available during inspection and nothing was stolen. I cannot verify that as I was not present during the custom examination. In addition, I can't be sure as to what happened to the stuff during 3 week storage in your warehouse in Abu Dhabi.

I know that nobody will now take the responsibility and everybody will try to come out clean, but the fact of the matter remains that I did not receive all that I packed and shipped. Where and how did it get lost, I don't know.

Kanellos Papakanellou
31 Aug 2020
Fast, reliable and only with minor damages move of goods

I shipped my household and car from Dubai to Athen, Greece. I opted for the door to door service. ISS quotation was one of the most competive but not the cheapest. Nonetheless, talking to them gave me a sense of reassurance that they will be able to deliver on their promises. To be honest they tried to convince me to opt for the door to port service and then hire somebody else from there to complete the job. But I just wanted not to overcomplicate it. In retrospective, I should have taken their advice. I had a repatriation certificate with me, hence I did have to pay any duties at destination.
The removal part left me very satisfied. Good, professional packing with good materials. Also ISS did a great job fitting my car and my personal effects in one 20ft container. Waited for a week or so to find the right vessel schedule and it took her 13 days to reach Piraeus.
The custom clearance in Greece and the delivery of my personal effects was handled by a local company (KAE International). It took them quite a bit to complete theprocess and also charged me fees for emptying the container, pulling out the car and storing it which I felt I shouldn't be charged for. Other that that, I was happy with the delivery crew and their professionalism when they finally delivered.
However, the biggest problem was and still is with my car. Before shipping my car I wanted to make sure that I would be able to register it in Greece. ISS and their partners confirmed that this will be the case, hence I went ahead with the shipping. However, the ground reality in Greece is different and now I am stuck with a car I cannot register.
Rui Silva
24 Aug 2020
Terrible and extremely unprofessional

Extremely unprofessional
The worst is that I specified a week that I wanted the goods home so that they could plan everything according. I had to constantly call them to ask for an update
The person that I was dealing with has constantly lied about what is happening
In moving a bedroom suite they broke the bed
Kwangjin Yoon
11 Aug 2020
Very bad.

Delivery takes longer than they promised.
Communication is not clear. Things promised and mentioned change again and again. Not trustable. Very bad.
21 Jul 2020
Excellent and well organised

The move was back to the UK and took two days. Everything was packed well and arrived in the UK intact. They guys were very professional in packing everything.
Veronique Verhelst
17 Mar 2020
Dubai to Belgium

We can strongly recommand ISS. Friendly staff, carefully handling of our goods and good service by arrival.
Bertha Myburgh
10 Feb 2020
Was very professional.

Very professional and fast. Would recommend them.
20 Jan 2020
Hidden costs!

All went well until there were hidden costs not mentioned in the in- and exclusions. Then it was up to me to pay and radio silence from their side. Go for a cheaper provider and keep a buffer for extra costs. ISS is not worth the premium.
Dimitris Tsilikakos
1 Jan 2020
Worry free movement

Well planned and executed movement by ISS Worldwide Movers. They knew exactly what to do and they packed and wrapped all of our stuff as if we did it ourselves. Great communication and flexible to follow our guidelines. A detailed survey was carried out prior to the final move out date. Additionally, we were moving overseas and the vessel arrival date was actually earlier than expected. If we would have another move, they would be our first and only choice.
Dilip Hiremath
16 Dec 2019
I would use another company next time.

The company is intrinsically good - but they obviously used freelance packers during the peak season with inadequate supervision. Also the back office goofed up and sent 6 cartons to a wrong location. Mistakes can happen and we would have taken it in stride if they made sincere efforts to make amends. However they were only interested in protecting their margins and so tried to extract maximum monies from us to cover up for their mistakes! Communication from their senior management was also very shoddy.

I have worked in a service industry and learnt that when a mistake is made by the company it is actually an opportunity to turn it around to make the client even more impressed at the redressal - Sadly that was a far cry in the way ISS managed it!
21 Nov 2019
All smooth so far!

Fair price, good advice, good communication with both them and the local partner. I am yet to receive my container here back home but am happy so far!
Ali Syed Naeem
15 Nov 2019
Not satisfactory

4 weeks passed and my goods still in dubai
31 Oct 2019
Dubai to London

ISS did a good job overall. Packing, shipping, and delivery were pretty smooth. There were minor packing issues and couple damage to a few items that were handled through the Axa insurance which was an extra fee which was worth it. ISS handled the whole process with the insurance company and it was handled smoothly,

I am very happy with ISS and their services which obviously is important when you are moving between countries. Highly recommend ISS.
Aurelien Thomas
10 Sep 2019
Good until it got to Dubai...

Incredibly poor communication, they actually did not know the process upon arrival or make extra efforts to hide this info from me. Never to be used again.
Rajit Raghavan
17 Jul 2019
Excellent Capability & Time Mgmt, Great Customer Support

Team work, capability, understanding, customer support and well trained experience with excellent time management.
10 Sep 2018
Company was very professional

The company was very professional with booking, home visit and quotation etc. The packaging materials were good quality. The biggest issue was with the contracted packing team, who wasted space in the boxes, which meant some items would not fit onto the container, which had to be left behind. Upon unpacking at the destination, we found some boxes virtually empty, with lots of packing materials amongst boxes of soft furnishings! The packing contractors also made mistakes on the packing list, listing the items that they couldn't fit onto the container. We were charged customs for this and it took me 2 months of constant emails for the reimbursement to come through.
30 Jul 2018
Excellent job

Excellent job
29 Jun 2018

They sneakily doubled their initial quote only after completion of packing. My shipment was airfreighted one month after the agreed date; which was two months after they took possession of my belongings. They were abismal at communicating the situation, and actually lied in emails to me about status. This is a zero star rating company. They are a disaster, avoid at all costs!
30 May 2018
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

After having a consultant visit the house, we were informed that a 20 ft container would be appropriate to move all our household items. However as the packaging was underway, the supervisor shared his doubts if all the goods would fit. His recommendation was that we would have to be at the final loading of the container at the warehouse, in order to select items to be left behind if they couldn't be accommodated.
Unfortunately this turned out to be on the day of our departure, and the whole morning was spent watching the container being loaded, instead of wrapping up the thousand last minute errands one needs to run when moving a family from one country to another!
Eventually it turned out that our entire living room furniture, A three seater, two seater, single seater sofa, as well as our office chair could not fit and had to be left behind. That isn't just a miscalculation, its a travesty bordering on maliciosness. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
Hilary Beck
8 Apr 2018
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Anish and the team were excellent, very proactive and helpful, I would highly recommend them
2 Apr 2018
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

It was my first kind of this move and I have to say ISS was very professional and managed all my expectations! Highly recommended. Well packed and all things arrived at an expected time!
Thana N
26 Jan 2018
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Generally Ok. Staff were courteous and hardworking. Original quote was without VAT which means had to pay more. Boxes not numbered so dont know how many goes out and in. Was told that new boxes will be used but a mix of old and new. Staff not careful when handling clean clothes as clothes ended up getting dirty with dirt prints from hands. Need to wash hands first before handling clothes. Toiletries were packed in toilet bins! Quite stupid to do that! Some items were missing so clearly one box is gone somewhere else. Cupboards stuck with papers to keep things intact, not removed after that. We had to do it ourselves. Newly painted walls at new house got dirty as they werent too careful.
Andrei Harabor
11 Dec 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

The company delivered the 3 all-important words in any long distance move: smooth as silk. And on a very competitive quote. I wish on everyone the same relocation experience.
Valeria Freundt
23 Sep 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

The move has not finished yet. Due to the blockade, we gave up micing the car and focused on the furniture. The container was supposed to arrive in Doha on the 17th of August and now it is due to the 17th of October. My family and I are very disappointed and annoyed with such a long delay.

Dr. Amr Douban
13 Sep 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Worst Experience ever,
I have relocated 6 times internationally, this is the worst experience EVER! I am extremely disappointed & angry at the condition I received my belongings.
It is clear from the condition of how I received my belongings that they were managed with EXTREME negligence, carelessness & unnecessary violence. Most of the boxes arrived destroyed & many of them open. Two boxes did not arrive, many valuable items are missing (probably stolen). Washing machine arrived broken & not functional, not even repairable. Shoes arrived destroyed, many did not arrive at all (the expensive ones), others arrived missing one pair. Water dispenser arrived broken. Many valuable items missing. All my wife's authentic handbags arrived disfigured, stepped upon & cannot be restored to their original form, some arrived torn. suitcases arrived torn or broken. many items did not arrive in their original paling condition, Hanging wardrobe didn't arrive, portable oil radiator didn't arrive
John Ferguson
23 Aug 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

We were absolutely delighted with the professionalism of all staff, from the packing guys to the exceptional professionalism of Mario who was our initial contact and who came to discuss our move at our apartment. Our move was from Dubai to Scotland and everything went without a hitch regarding the packing and collection of our 28 boxes. I might warn others that HMRC Shipping only accept email attachments no larger than 6mb although their website states 10mb so our paperwork didn't go through and we were not notified that it didn't. If I hadn't made an enquiry and re-sent the paperwork by splitting it into two emails we would have been none the wiser and would have been charged by HMRC for storage. So be warned. Other than that our boxes were delivered to our door intact and we were delighted with the service. Many thanks. Super company.
teresa maura pereira
16 Aug 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Very pleasant and professional staff!
Well done and on time for deliver
I have recommended ISS to many of my friends and colleagues
Mohammed El Tayeib
19 Apr 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Professional door to door service. They put my mind to ease and the cost was very reasonable. Apart from that, it was great to be able to store my shipment upon arrival until I moved to my new place and have it delivered.
17 Mar 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Gareth Cornish
17 Mar 2017
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Fro start to completion the service from ISS was excellent. If their appointed agents in Cyprus are just as good when my shipment arrives in April, then I will be very impressed.
john lam
10 Oct 2016
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Charles Rosenbaum
12 Jul 2016
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Issue with services paid for and information not passed on correctly to local movwrs
Andrew Scarry
9 Jul 2016
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

The move ended well, though began with a bit of concern on my part. I was asked to complete most of the paperwork in the beginning, which had previously been done by other movers in the past. I was contacted by multiple parties in the company rather than a dedicated agent which made it confusing and resulted in numerous email trails and repeated emailing of personal information and scanned documents. The shipment was eventually delivered weeks later than expected, though this was perhaps because of delays at the arrival port. The local agent at destination was of a higher standard. The standards were below what I expected of an international freight forwarder, as experienced previously in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. having said that, they may be the average standard in the Middle East region. I cannot compare to similar service providers in the region.
Mark atkins
8 Jul 2016
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Terrible, simply terrible! The surveyor estimated 15 cubic metres, on the day of packing a second surveyor estimated 23 cubic metres but after stuffing the 6m container to the gills, (30 cubic metres or so) something like 6 cubic metres was not shipped. All attempts to get 1 box of left items behind forwarded has been a series of stalling by the company, excuses and promises but no resolution and finally, the rep in Muscat opts to suggest their surveys were accurate and the whole fiasco is somehow my fault, desperate given his senior made the assessment whilst the packers were boxing it all up! I would not trust this lot to send an e-mail in future, never mind my personal belongings!
Batool Mohamed
16 Jul 2015
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

Phil Clarke
13 Dec 2014
ISS Worldwide Movers - UAE

The packing and moving out service was excellent. However, the entire shipment was just left outside my house, a remote and rural location, in the UK during inclement weather and no signature was obtained on delivery because there was nobody there to sign! Luckily my neighbour saw it and moved it into a dry and secure location before it got ruined by the rain, or stolen from outside the house. This approach to delivery was wholly unacceptable and without the intervention of my neighbour the whole shipment could have been in situ for 2 weeks, resulting in everything being damaged beyond repair.
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