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Based on 22 reviews
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Peggy Osterman
25 Oct 2022
Final cost was 5x original estimate and shipment arrived minus one box. Took another 2 months to be told I could not claim for insurance as I stupidly signed the paperwork - now missing £550 worth of goods on top of a £5000 removal! Had previous good service with the company but they have been a massive waste of time and money since.
Vanessa Perdriau
18 Feb 2021
5 month WAIT!!!

After extensive research we choose to use Doree Bonner based on the great reviews and some assuring chats with their consultant. However, everything I was sold on has not been delivered. I received a quote from the company during the height of COVID in the UK and was told that in normal circumstances they average 8 weeks but during COVID we should expect a 12 week delivery time from door to door.

The problems began when our flight was cancelled last minute. We called the company as soon as we found out (9 days before the move) but as it did not fall within their 10 day policy, they were unwilling to delay the move without a large fee. So we went forward, resolving that at least we would have our shipment when we arrived in Australia. The move itself was wonderful and the removalists were kind, courteous and did a fantastic job, however, we were promised three movers and only 2 turned up with no explanation. We finally arrived in Australia 9.5 weeks after our things had been collected and were shocked to find out our shipment hadn’t even left the warehouse in the UK!!! There has been no apology, no explanation and no transparency whatsoever. We are now looking at a 5 month wait until we can access our belongings in Australia. I am hugely disappointed in this service and would strongly advise AGAINST using this company.

Although the sales pitch was excellent and the consultant very helpful as soon as we signed on the dotted line and paid our money we were passed over to a dedicated 'move consultant' at which point the high level of customer service completely disappeared. We have been left completely in the dark, never updated (unless we reached out) and we've received vague and curt responses.
Mariella CHEN
7 Oct 2020
Unreservedly Thumbs Up

Briefly put: DoreeBonner is my first port of call when it comes to relocating.

We’ve been using DB services since the beginning of 2019, due to various needs of moving internationally.
First, they freight my daughter’s piano from the UK ?? to as far as S’pore without a scratch. That was a beautiful endeavour as the piece carries sentimental value.
Next, they helped us dismantle our household in the UK ??: part of it went into their storage facilities and part of it was sent as dedicated load to France ?? for a year abroad.
This summer, despite all the COVID-19 crisis, they came to France to pick up our effects and again, part of them went to their storage in the UK ?? and two crates were safely, securely and seamlessly sent to Singapore ?? where they were delivered once again without any damage whatsoever, last month.

Of course, there was a small delay, understandably, considering the circumstances, but we were not in a rush this time, anyway.

For now, with all sanitary concerns, we keep our UK ?? household in their storage - four containers - and we are confident that, as long as we respect our contractual obligations, all is fine.

All personnel are highly qualified, always with a can-do attitude, prices are reasonable for their quality services and explicit in invoices. Vessels ? can be tracked as well as the receiving agent at destination.

Seriously, one is at the loss if they don’t choose DoreeBonner.
(and, for cat lovers, like us, their logo is priceless ☺️)

For the most recent job, impeccably done, I want to thank these great people: Nick YOUNG, Nikki FICE and the driver, Piotr JABLONSKI.
Oz Zaimoglu
24 Aug 2020
No Problems

Decent company. Quotation survey done online. I had a small window of opportunity to do the move and Doree Bonner staff were really helpful. The boys came, packed and carried my stuff away professionally. I received the goods on the other side in an acceptable condition. Nothing is missing, and no hidden expenses sprung up on me. Overall I had a good experience. One thing that has room for improvement is a tracking system for goods/updates of the move through the system. That would make the whole experience 5 star worthy.
Karen Gaetz
25 Mar 2020
Hassle free from start to finish

They were brilliant from the very beginning, getting the quote until my stuff arrived. Every member of staff I dealt with was courteous and helpful. I’m totally pleased with them, and would recommend them to anyone.
26 Feb 2020
15 boxes moved UK to US - slow but without any issues!

I moved 15 boxes of household items from Cambridge, UK to Colorado in the US.
The agents at Dorree Bonner were thorough in their video call to assess my items and patient with my many questions about the process.

I selected the slow boat service and was really impressed with the price.
The guys who came to pack my stuff up were friendly and efficient. The agents continued to answer my questions and were always quick to respond.

The move happened to fall over the Christmas holiday, so probably took longer than usual.
My items were shipped in part container so took a while to actually leave the country. Once they left I was able to follow their progress.

It took nearly 4 months for my stuff to arrive in the US, but everything was in perfect condition.
Highly recommended!
Shelley Briggs
2 Feb 2020
Shelley Briggs

The contact and planning of the move in the UK was excellent. They communicated with me regularly, were very prompt in providing packing materials and collection of the goods was prompt, efficient and professional. The price was good except the additional insurance was not explained well and not worth the extra for just personal goods. My goods took a long time to arrive in Canada and there was no communication until I inquired about my goods. Once the goods were in Canada, the company on the Canadian side communicated regularly but there were a number of delays, in part due to the Christmas season. When the goods did arrive, I had to go to customs Canada again in person, before the goods were released with a tight timeline of 7 days to make the trip to Toronto. This additional requirement was not outlined at the beginning. When my goods did arrive, the service was again excellent and there was no damage. It would have been 5 stars all the way if I had been kept informed during the long wait for my goods to leave the UK. I was advised it would be 6 to 12 weeks with the later being less likely. My goods were collected 28 October 2019, only left the UK on 6 December 2019 and were delivered to me on 10 January 2020.
Max Beck
24 Aug 2018
Well executed

Very smooth and effortless on my part DB did what they said they would.
Ben Cope
12 Apr 2018
Doree Bonner International

Helpful with all the questions we had through the process and about all the paperwork. Guys that came to pack up our stuff were great, helpful. Office staff great. Prompt turnaround.
Michal koky
11 Mar 2018
Doree Bonner International

The best ever
mrs zena moran
7 Feb 2018
Doree Bonner International

The service to pack my belongings from the UK was excellent. The company they used in Australia - broke my full glass free standing mirror on transfer from the removal van to my bedroom. Very disappointed. The staff were friendly and apologetic! They put the boxes into my garage and stacked them too high. Would not use Doree Bonner again!
Kriszta Doczy
5 Dec 2017
Doree Bonner International

Great service! Fast, efficient, everythink was how they promised.
Alexandra Bury
31 Oct 2017
Doree Bonner International

I recently shipped the contents of a 1 bedroom flat from London to NY. From collection to drop off was 10.5 weeks which was within the 6-12 week estimate but obviously at the slower end.
Doree Bonner were communicative throughout and very helpful with paperwork etc. One of the pieces of furniture has been damaged in transit somewhere so I now need to deal with the insurance company which is an additional hassle however I guess that is why its recommended to buy insurance!
Overall I would certainly recommend them.
Christiane Barker
9 Oct 2017
Doree Bonner International

Great movers. I would highly recommend them! They handled our move abroad so efficiently and competently, it felt like we were moving next door.
marlin mubarak
1 Sep 2017
Doree Bonner International

very professional and efficient
Serena Court
31 Aug 2017
Doree Bonner International

Terrible company, packing stage of the move over ran by a day, they now have my belongings then announced that it is going to cost an extra £1997 on top of the £4950 quote! I am trying to dispute the case with the management team but they have ignored me totally so far. A month has passed and no one from the company has contacted me! If you know what I should do please let me know as I'm now in a different country.
Jonathan Whybrow
4 Aug 2017
Doree Bonner International

Excellent service from start to finish. Clear communication before and during the contacting of their services, the guys who packaged and took our possessions were very professional and efficient, and they arrived nearly 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled time! Would strongly recommend.
Val Hay
30 Jun 2017
Doree Bonner International

Flatrate did a great job from start to finish. UK office staff were very friendly and helpful. Efficient and punctual and quick packing and take away. Arrived with nothing missing or broken 6 weeks after leaving our UK home. The USA office staff communicated welll with us and the truck delivery men were also very efficient, friendly and communicated in a timely fashion. We would definately use them again should the need arise.
Joan Austin
17 Jan 2017
Doree Bonner International

Couldn't have been better. Totally stress free, everybody at Bonner's was very supportive and informative, the packers were excellent and everything in Canada has gone extremely smoothy and efficiently. I have taken possession of my shipment today and I cannot fault the efficiency and professionalism of the crew. I would recommend Bonner International.
14 Nov 2016
Doree Bonner International

Items received broken. Electric recliner sofas not working. Other sofa also not properly fitted, legs of bed missing. sunglasses missing. Although i took insurance Doree Bonner mentioned these were not covered by insurance citing small print on a document among many documents. So I have no idea what was insured. so not happy
Joy Day
7 Jul 2016
Doree Bonner International

Pre-moving very efficient. The packers good. Collection 12/02 Post collection different story. Told goods would be in Auckland in 12-14 weeks. At 14 weeks contacted them, nearly a week later reply came that goods on way and would not arrive in Wellington until 07/07, now waiting for them to reach Auckland. Think they got forgotten. Feel let down at after service. Wanted out money and then didn't seem to care.
Joshua Bone-george
7 Jul 2016
Doree Bonner International

our boxes are still sitting on the docks in London and waiting to be shipped some 8 weeks after they were ready to go and fully paid for and now they are demanding another 33 ponds stirling to ship due to currency fluctuations. NOT HAPPY at all, in fact extremely pissed off to say the least.
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