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Based on 25 reviews
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G Eloff
1 Feb 2023
Everything went very smoothly. The move coordinator kept us informed theough all the atwps and the packers did their best with our stuff.
Rachel Lawrence
19 Jun 2020
Simple, Quick and Easy

I organised the pick up about 2 weeks before. The paper work was sent through and all the information was that was required was passed through and easy to follow. The payment was simple, and the pick was done within a few minutes. I received my objects before I even returned home (thanks to quarantining!) Everything was so smooth and great, would happily use PSS again and recommend them to others!
11 Nov 2019
i moved from Rural NSW Australia to Nottingham England.

Amazing, helpful communication from start to finish, they helped me with advice every step of the way, great price too.
I would highly recommend PSS to anyone looking to move internationally.
Jae Hee Song
13 Oct 2018

I had really terrible experience.
I requested them to collect my items (all packed by myself) by 9 am since my flight time is 4pm.
They once delayed it to 12pm, which seems fine to me but they arrived at 1:40pm.
In the meantime, to chase it up, I phoned them up but whenever they answered my phone, they always asked me reference number in the EMERGENCY situation.
Daniel Hatala
20 Feb 2018
PSS international removals

PSS were very professional giving quotes and assuring us of their professionalism. They even helped with sorting out accidental packed (see comment later) dangerous items which I planned to throw out!! They knew what they were doing but the price they quoted had nothing to do with reality. They packing stuff in the boxes taking things we didnt intend to ship. If you add tons of papers and it all multiplied the amount significantly. Not much was broken (yes there were things broken and scratched) but we had to pay more and pay extra for them coming again to pick extra boxes which they didnt fit in the van they came the first time. Then we had to pay for delivery at the destination. I am not even mentioning customs inspection etc of which we knew we would have to pay. Overall they were quite good but should be a lot more transparent with the costs. There were other companies that looked good but were more expensive but claimed to have covered all the expected costs.
Carol East
27 Jan 2018
PSS international removals

PSS were very helpful, efficient and competitively priced. My possessions were shipped to NZ where NZ Vanlines took over and they too have been great to deal with.
Charl Hilhorst
19 Jan 2018
PSS international removals

Packing was not done very eficiently, resulting in some wasted space and therefore an additional charge for shipping. The quality of packing left much to be desired, we ended up with damaged or destroyed furniture and more losses then all my previous moves put together. They also lost one of my boxes. The insurance that they arranged wasn’t very helpful and would only pay out the estimated repair cost or second hand value of items at origin, not meaningful when the items are far more expensive to repair/ replace in the country I now live. Would certainly not recommend them.
6 Nov 2017
PSS international removals

The delivery took ages and there were additional fees on arrival that they did not mention were definite, not possible.
26 Oct 2017
PSS international removals

We were kept up to date of everything the whole way, the provided easy to understand information that enabled a smooth move, and were cost efficient. Everything arrived in one piece, and the delivery men on both sides were great guys.
Pamela Glass
13 Sep 2017
PSS international removals

An excellent experience from start to finish with PSS Internationl Removals. This was a small move - just personal effects like books, art work, clothing in 8 boxes - from London to Maryland, USA . The price was highly competitive, the service was responsive, professional and efficient, and the goods arrived quickly at the destination in excellent shape. Kudos to Steve Ellis who oversaw the shipment with patience and excellent followup, always quick to respond to a myriad of emailed questions and explain many details, including customs information and provision of a specially-made crate for the artwork. I would highly recommend this company.
Michelle Hawke
27 Aug 2017
PSS international removals

Really great service. Very cheap, very professional
Gordon Wright
28 Jul 2017
PSS international removals

[London to Singapore] Everything was shipped and arrived on-time with zero damage or breakages. You can't ask for more than that. Very efficient and friendly teams packed and unpacked with great efficiency including removing all packaging at the destination. I would have given 5 stars but communication was a little slow and I had to keep chasing them for updates. Maybe that was me just being impatient :)
Jem G
28 Jun 2017
PSS international removals

Everything went smoothly and the movers on both ends were very helpful and friendly. As you can imagine, having your stuff moved from one side of the world to another can be pretty daunting, but PSS International Movers were excellent. Highly recommended.
Anna Fenn
5 Jun 2017
PSS international removals

I relocated from the UK to New Zealand at the beginning of 2017. Having obtained quotes from a couple of other companies I chose PSS on the basis of their reasonable price and my positive experience when contacting them in the first instance. Although I was informed that one person would be assigned to manage all the aspects of my move, I found this was not the case in practice as different people handled different stages of the move. Nevertheless I always received prompt and efficient service, so this was not an issue. I did not use the insurance offered by PSS: I used Letton Percival as it was cheaper; however I am happy to report that I did not need to make a claim as there was only one class picture frame broken (worth about £15); everything else was perfect. PSS use NZ Vanlines in New Zealand to carry out local removal at the destination point, and I found them to be excellent to deal with. I would definitely recommend using PSS on the basis of my experience.
Carla Van Rensburg
26 Feb 2017
PSS international removals

Affordable. Hassle-free. The 2 team members who came to do the packing were very efficient and clearly very experienced.
Chris Vickers
29 Nov 2016
PSS international removals

Movers were great. Shame the appraisal was completely wrong and forgot to put items on which meant hidden extra charges.
Annie C
14 Nov 2016
PSS international removals

First class service; very helpful, very professional and went over the top to assist with my many questions and extras. Would whole-heartedly recommend!
Louis Guy Wilson
13 Oct 2016
PSS international removals

Most things were already self-packed/boxed for ongoing house renovation work but was told items would be repacked in company boxes. Removers only boxed the smaller boxes and some memorabilia wedding champagne glasses, tumble glasses, and gift plate broke, computers took a bumping with broken plastic face-plate clips, etc.
Aidan harris
11 Jul 2016
PSS international removals

The move was successful but had problems. PSS miss quoted on the cost and we paid a great deal more than what was expected. We also had to personally handle all the paperwork which we thought would be included in the service. basically all they did was supply and load a container for a great deal of money. I had to arrange everything else and they weren't very helpful or forthcoming with answers and solutions. Once deposits were paid the level of service plunged. They didn't look after or wrap our possessions very well and as a result I have lost many small items such as pendulams for clocks and keys. We had damage to our furniture and the lead packer even tried to convince me to sell my motorcycle as he didn't feel it was worth it - this was on the day of packing! I thought that a bit of a bold statement and act. The move was made more stressful than what it should have been. Overall I'm not happy with their service and won't recommend them.
25 May 2016
PSS international removals

Amazing contact from the minute I submitted my query. And found me the most competitive price. Jamie was very professional in person and over email and they adapted to my needs for drop off. They were able to move my stuff on short notice too.
Would definitely recommend them. Great and easy experience.
Kathleen Crang
26 Apr 2016
PSS international removals

I do not yet have my shipment I paid in full to ship, and desperately need my things!!!!! I have waited 8 weeks now, and no word yet when I will get them!!!!!!
Patricia De Alwis
29 Feb 2016
PSS international removals

I have moved many times internationally, from Asia to Africa to the UK and in comparison with the movers I used in Asia and Africa I found PSS lacking. They did not appear very professional in their premise arrangements, they got the time the packers were supposed to come in and do the packing mixed up and the packers themselves were grumpy and surly guys. The labelling of boxes wasn't as detailed as I am used to having so when my packages arrive I will find it very difficult to know which items went into which boxes. No bubble wrap was used in the packing of glassware, which I thought was strange as previous movers had always used it and I never had any breakages. Overall I wasn't very happy with the job done.
Jaco Prinsloo
27 Jan 2016
PSS international removals

Very efficient and very punctual. Great service all round. Also very competitive prices. Would definitely recommend.
Kris Ghosh
29 Dec 2015
PSS international removals

We are using PSS as they gave the best price
elena sastron
24 Dec 2015
PSS international removals

Excellent and professional
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