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Based on 34 reviews
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2 Aug 2022
Worst experience with an international moving company (and it's the third one). Practice of extra billing without any official justification, we've been pressed to pay 5000 more dollars otherwise the container would not leave. Once our staff was arrived on territory, they just let us down dealing with the local company which keeps asking more money for us to have access to our staff. I do feel like previous commentators, it is just about money. At the end, the bill was much higher than expected.
Eleanor Taylor
1 Jan 2020

Easy to start with, went smoothly on the day, great communication throughout. However a number of large furniture items were broken as well as a few sentimental items were broken.
The insurance claim process was easy but no one told us that a dining table and chairs were classed as high value items and needed to be separately listed for insurance cover. I had got sets and pairs insurance but that didn't help with the costs of replacing the chairs as well as our table. We wound up with a short fall of a significant number of thousands of dollars. In household insurance a dining suite isn't considered high value but a normal household item and so we didn't consider listing it and were not advised to by our consultant.
we feel that Crown seriously let us down in this aspect.
Packing was very hit and miss - the wood splintered on our table legs, a sentimental value decorative plate wrapped in only 2 layers of paper and placed in with tv cables and electronics and snapped in half, all our child's carefully boxed up lego sets emptied into a single box and made almost impossible to use without hours of work to re-sort them. But then some of the most delicate and fragile items beautifully packed and came through completely intact.
It's impossible to watch every packer carefully but I'd especially watch them on the second day of packing or towards the end of your move as they speed up to make the deadline because I suspect that's when our damage/stupid packing occurred.
Yu Zhang
2 Sep 2018
Very happy with Crown Relocation

Really good communication, I am very happy with Crown Relocation service.
Sandra Rogers
23 Aug 2018
Excellent service,civility, patience and professionalism.

As I am no longer young things take a bit longer to sink in. I have absolutely no complaints about anything. Quality of service. completeness of items was spot on but as I haven't unpacked yet I can't tell you about breakages etc. In saying that there are no damaged boxes etc
13 Aug 2018
Would definitely recommend them to anyone relocating.

A great bunch of people to work with who genuinely enjoy what they do and you can see it in how they treat you as a customer and put your priorities first. Very understanding and patient in regards to rescheduling delivery arrangements meant I took the stress off myself when it came to figuring out the logistics of my delivery. Would definitely recommend them to anyone relocating.
V Warren
2 Jun 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Quick turnaround of service and good communication.
Anne Pearce
20 Mar 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

I was happy with the service from Crown. The shipment arrived earlier than I was expecting so was able to sort things out sooner in my new home.
Ava Zlotkowska-Eddy
3 Mar 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Comprehensive, thorough, quick, friendly and affordable.
Serge van der ster
3 Mar 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

It took a bit longer then we were told but am very happy how everything arrived, everything intact and working
26 Feb 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

1) I was initially quoted a lesser rate and was told to call black closer to the time, when I did the price jumped up and there was no record of my first initial quote even though I have given them all my details.
2) Was quoted 8-10 week for arrival of my boxed so rushed to get all my stuff packed up and off so that it arrived 2 weeks after I arrived... it’s now 6 weeks out and I have been informed that my items haven’t even left the country (even though I have) and will take up to 14 weeks now... I will now have to go rebuy everything there that I packed up so that I can simply just go to sleep at night... this has been such a waste of money
3) in addition to that my contact person initally was such lovely then I got passed onto Annelize who is so incredibly is rude, unprofessional and can keeps confusing me with other clients... they are just after money and don’t care about the people...
Thomas Jensen
11 Feb 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

This move promised to be a good one from the sounds of the sales pitch I was given by Crown, cheap, protected and on time were all promised. Cheap and protected were fulfilled but on time was very far from being kept. I was promised when I arrived in Sydney on the 14th of January my goods would be waiting for me and I planned with Crown to have them delivered on the 16th of January and was promised this date was easily meet able and would be the date of delivery. Between the time of pickup and when I arrived in Sydney I informed Crown that I would be arriving in Sydney a week later than planned and that any costs around keeping my good for a few extra days would be met. Little did I know Crown had actually not sent my goods yet and they were to arrive at the same time as me into Sydney. When 2 to 3 weeks is added for the goods to be unpacked, quarantined and delivered my goods did not arrive until 3 weeks after I arrived in Sydney and a little less than a month after the promised date.
9 Feb 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Everything went really smoothly... from the packing in New Zealand to the delivery in Perth there were no problems. Would highly recommend Crown to anyone moving overseas
brenda dreyer
30 Jan 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Crown NZ was perfect and delivered on everything they promised. Things were done in full and on time. They promised that my stuff will arrive in South Africa within 50 - 60 days. My stuff was to arrive on 4 January. However, it is 30 January and I have still not received my shipment! I was told by SA Crown that my stuff will arrive on 4 January, then 18 January and then 20 January. SA Crown promised to deliver within 3 working days. It is 30 January and I have no idea where my stuff is. I will not recommend Crown Global to anyone moving to South Africa as the SA Crown end is nor trustworthy, not communicating with the client and keep you hanging in the air. I am not satisfied at all.
4 Jan 2018
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Hassle free and efficient service from Crown relocation. Highly recommended
Chris van den Bosch
31 Dec 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Well coordinated move. Packers were amazing. Shipping took a little longer than we had hoped but it all worked out in the end. The only glitch was not having the move unpacked at the delivery end as contracted. We had to do the unpacking ourselves. If it weren't for this I would have scored them 5 stars! The delivery contractor did come back and remove all the packaging materials though so no harm done.
Mani Manivasakan
11 Dec 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Unprofessional company - shouldn't be in the business of people moving.

Surya Nadu
29 Nov 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Excellent service, helpful and friendly staffs. Already recommended few people about the Company.Keep it up!!.
Jennifer Mollett
30 Aug 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

I havent moved yet but I am happy witgh my selection having used CROWN in the past .
Brigid Hole
23 Aug 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Poor service. My goods havn't yet left NZ despite it being now >8weeks since pick-up. I was quoted 6-8weeks. I requested delivery after 1st September, was told they would be stored in Brisbane until delivery date if arrived in the country early,, they are now unlikely to arrive until the end September/ beginning October. Pick up was carefully arranged in order to meet my delivery requirements. Communication from the NZ Sales consultant was excellent (presumably in order to finalize the sale), communication with the NZ Move Manager was poor at best. Unfortunately for me, I was required to make full payment prior to uplift of goods, now when my expectations are not met I am unable to withhold payment. Would have significant reservations before using this company again. Would certainly pay only a deposit until goods delivered on time.
Shariza Mustafa
8 Jun 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Pickup of items was delayed by four hours, No contact was made when items arrived into the destination.
Karen Morris
3 Jun 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Very prompt contact and friendly informative staff. Made the move much easier than we were expecting. Great communication. Very accommodating as things had to happen fast and we were not the most organised clients, also completely underestimated the size of our shipment!
Grace Williams
31 May 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

I had some items broken which was disappointing and my leather briefcases and workbags were squashed and damaged because of this. I found the paperwork very difficult to navigate and complete and the person at the NZ end dealing with this wasn't that helpful. The person at the UK end was extremely helpful. The pet carrier airpets I am very disappointed with as they gave me misinformation regarding the time frame of collecting the pets from ARC at Heathrow airport and it cost me an extra nights board and transportation the next day for my dog & cat which was over £500.00. I have e mailed them and had no response which is very disappointing.
Nick Tanner
10 May 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Great initial service and quoting , not backed up when it came down to it.
On the day our belongings weren't packaged quite as we'd been led to believe. We had sorted things into boxes ready for Crown to come and perform their high quality packing, as listed in the sales blurb and insurance documentation. When the guys arrived they just wrapped the boxes without even opening them to inspect the contents.
My bike was put in a thin carrier bag and I was told it would be boxed at the depot. They forgot to include the front wheel until I pointed it out so this got wrapped separately.
All done in 20 minutes.
I so popped in next time I was passing the depot, only to be told they don't do bike boxes. The manager went out of his way to find one, which was brilliant service.
After this I only got an update if I contacted Crown.
The ship tracker in transit is a brilliant feature.
The UK delivery service was great.
Couple of things broken, but not enough to cover the insurance excess. Bik
Deb Lee
17 Apr 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Happy with the packers, they were a great bunch of guys. Efficient, polite, worked well. I was happy with the assistance provided. Not happy with the no food policy.
carol mak
16 Apr 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

So far, Crown has provided very fine service packing and wrapping our belongings, then storing them for our move from New Zealand to the USA. Crown will soon load the shipping container, then comes the trip across the Pacific and finally delivery. So far, so good with Crown in charge for the first half of the journey. We feel confident that Crown will make sure our belongings are loaded with care for an uneventful journey and smooth delivery to the USA and our new home.

Crown's reps are responsive, their workmen professional and competent, and their attitude one of helpfulness. We are enjoying working with them so far, and anticipate smooth sailing from here on out.
Brian Alderson
10 Apr 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

We have not moved yet, later in the year
janice kelemete
31 Mar 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Overall the move went very well special commendation to the 3 packers in NZ they were amazing and very diligent in their packing and were very courteous in our home.

We were disappointed with the level of communication and that we had to make approaches to find out what was happening.

the crew in Samoa were okay but lacked understanding of what door to door means and they were not aware that they were contracted to unpack. The fact that our house wasn't finished meant that we allowed them to unload directly into our lounge. (lucky for them as the container arrived at our home at 4.50pm they would have been their all night!!

the crew in NZ could teach the crew in Samoa a few things.
Robin Lowen
16 Mar 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

This move is still under way.
The packers were, in my opinion, a little less than professional. The items had been packed and in storage for several months, so were already in boxes. The packer was reluctant to transfer the items from the boxes they were in into the company boxes, apart from the items in fruit/banana boxes. The packer wanted to put the old boxes directly into the new boxes, then pack around them with paper. (This would make much more volume).
Next problem was the volume we were subsequently billed for - an extra 1 cubic metre. (The packers told us it was about 3 .75 cubic metres). After reviewing the consignment note, the number and sizes of boxes, the company agreed that the extra cubic metre was probably a mistake, and dropped the extra charge.
The consignment is now on a ship on its way to Australia, due there on 22/3/2017
Neeru Vimal
8 Mar 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Hi there,
Regretfully u have had not very good experience with Crown relocation. Nothing they committed during their first quotation review adhere.
Crown committed to send experience team for packing however only one person arrived and packed the goods till late evening. Weekly sailing was committed however it's been already two weeks but haven't got any confirmed date of sailing. Based on their comittment I only packed few clothes and necessity item. Now kids are suffering and getting sick in the absence of winter clothes which are packed for sailing. Sleeping on floor for two weeks. Really not happy with all this.
I would highly recomand that true picture is provided to every customer do they are well prepared for their move specially with kids.
Ben Schmidt
14 Feb 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Excellent movers, came and looked at what we were moving, lots of good advice, friendly people.
John Emerton
25 Jan 2017
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

We had already contacted Crown ourselves and we have never heard from Budget or Transworld?
*Crown have been wonderful, professional and we are going to move with them.
The company you put us in touch with re transporting our cat, and you said that we would get a good discount with, was the most expensive quote of all.
jim rae
14 Dec 2016
Crown Relocations - New Zealand


they were very helpful especeialey moving overseas
tom edwards
30 Apr 2016
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

Excellent service from Australia to the UK in 6 weeks door to door. Staff were excellent at both ends and everything went without a hitch. We had a full packing and unpacking service, which was packed into 192 seperate boxes/packages and which filled a 20 ft container. Faultless move. I would use them again and I highly recommend them.
Graham James Fagan
1 Apr 2016
Crown Relocations - New Zealand

So professional it was unbelievable
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